retrogress – girlhood ep

Artist: retrogress
Title: girlhood ep
Keywords: experimental adolescence alternative dream pop electronic explicit girl lo-fi mature synthpop teenage vocals witch house witchhouse Canada
Reviewer: village idiot

Oh my goodness! Listen to the voices, they sound so choir-like, so innocent and pure. What is going on and where are they coming from? Did I miss something? Oh yes! Of course! Now I remember! I had pressed play on this girlhood EP & that’s generating the voices that had started to suddenly sing within my head! Oh my goodness, I’ve explained the mystery, solved the case and managed to realize that these sounds of innocence had only be the beginning!

Gracefully I listened on, steadily being surprised with what was going to happen as the music changed… it was like those growing up movies, but than with music as it was simply becoming of age, growing up & in general growing to my ears as well. First it was just voices of innocence, but it transformed into something much more musically, with actual chords and sounds & even the voice had become stronger, more elaborate and convinced of itself.

To me it was a beautiful progress, one that was actually super unexpected but pretty much a sign that it’s always good to stick with something even if you had no idea what the hell its going to be. Just fall accidentally on a link, it starts to play, you get confused, find out what had happened & suddenly you are blessed. May I suggest you to fall into this one and make it miraculously play;

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