Artist: Agnes Pe


Keywords: devotional, ambience, distorted, Muzak-stun, malfunction, Muzak, Lleida

First I thought it was the sound of a birthday party, than it became one that was playing itself out under water & after that it was somewhere in an all absorbing weird triply world somewhere in a bizarre outer space like zone… there are humans , but they are all gone through some Donald duck mutations that will turn their chatter into bizarre sounds of unexpectedness.

This world gets more intense in the weirdest way when it’s meal of Kelugh corn flakes appears on the table. There are seemingly no more people left and the music had taken a jazzy drunk toll on the sounds, nicely swinging, spluttering like Luke warm spit with here and there a romantic hint of old time romantic antics. It’s as if aliens had picked up some of the classics for their research and dumped it straight into the dodgy liquids of their laboratories.

Stumbling upon completely new ways of one note sambas involving children toys and water droplets; isn’t life great and unexpected when lacing it with Agnes Pè her soundtracks? Pretty much!

This producer knows how to saw the legs of your chair so you can fall comfortably into the unknown sides of experimental experiences, hearing birds chat, airplanes rumble and yet all stay so calmly odd that you feel like you are reading about some kind of undiscovered part of nature that only Agnes knows the coordinates from. A bit of rain can come in, making the recordings full of slipperiness and ready for some slapstick in which unknown animals laugh their guts out & we fall on our bums like professional losers… how lovely!

Gyp Soul will cheer everyone up, like plasters covered in LSD and sweet little pictures of the cast of super Mario printed on top of them. How lovely it is that Agnes saves us from absurdity with even more absurdism! Everything is weird and pleasurable, what is normal anyway? And if it exist, it wouldn’t want to hang out in these kind of open minded peaceful acts of audio wizardry!


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