Reverend Aliens – Mortal Suffering EP

Artist: Reverend Aliens

Title: Mortal Suffering EP

Keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, musicimprovised, music, the Netherlands

Reviewer: Willem van O.

Mortal Suffering is at best expressed by the music of Reverend Aliens. It might be in fact Mortal Suffering in it’s delighted form, it has all the stuff that will make you suffer; a guitar, a person playing it & a vocal that’s a bit odd.

The sheer length of it all might also be beneficial for the mortals to suffer; I simply wouldn’t be surprised to find this EP used in interrogation programs in secret military facilities. If you don’t answer our questions we will play the EP on repeat until you do… or lose your marbles.

Of course it isn’t instant Suffering as mortal Suffering comes over time, but it quite quickly becomes this thing that crawls under your skin to itch you at places that you can’t reach to scratch… you know; mortal Suffering! For more than 16 minutes … more mortal Suffering!

It sings to you and it plays to you & even though you have the power of a click to play and a click to stop, it still feels like it is beyond your control and will play forever until you had suffered enough. It’s bizarre but in a way Reverend Aliens have made mortal Suffering a thing that everyone can discover, feel and go through…

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