Hayato Takeuchi – EP

Artist: Hayato Takeuchi

Title: EP

Keywords: experimental, electronics, pop

Label: Bearsuit records

Everything seems to go in circles, like pretty loops looping themselves around in a happy gathering of hypnotic music. It sets me to dance while the touches of odd summer vibes stroke over them are setting my mind into a chill zone. It’s a excellent combination, making life easy and movable like a feel good jumping and grooving rabbit with no problems at all on its mind! So good!

Even when things become less hypnotized, the stuff becomes like a shuffling moment of music that birds are attracted towards. All kinds of birds , the ones that like big beats and funny moments, other bird like chatter and soft grooviness in superb friendly ways. If you are a bird or someone interested in them; let the groove lead you towards the insides of this pretty EP!

A little folk experience is also included, one that makes me feel happy and sunny, one with good sunshine rays that will heath up the pleasures of life. Something to lock arms with and enjoy the carnival parade and the drunken merry go round! It’s circus vibes but played out in a way that it doesn’t make you feel like you have to be a clown to enjoy it.

Things also get rather sweet on this should-hear EP brought to the surprising label Bear Suit Records. A loving moment of just sweetie sweetheart music with the pure focus on a kind loving melody that twist itself around your finger and heart as if it had always belonged there. So beautifully nice and so outstandingly kind!

The last bit on this EP feel like a sunrise that washes all the shadows away for eternity. One that rises up with enough warm glows to keep you warm all through a nasty winter time. This music EP is so full of love that it will be very difficult for a person to dislike. So why not give it a go, friend?



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