Yes Selma – Songs Of Happiness

Artist: Yes Selma

Title: Songs Of Happiness

Keywords: experimental, lo-fi, singer songwriter, Baltimore

Well, that’s strange… what is? Well besides the fact that I’m talking to myself in writing form, the music by Yes Selma that had been twinkling inside my inner ears had been really odd… and with odd I mean strange… I liked it though, I mean I don’t mind the strange of the bizarre, in fact I probably prefer it above anything else. It’s fun as well how Yes Selma’s Songs Of Happiness have this song about someone who doesn’t want to die.. I mean if that isn’t happily bizarre than I don’t know what it is.. “I don’t want to die but I don’t want to live” the lyrics go and I’m utterly confused but heavily entertained!

I don’t know if I think like this tomorrow, but on the intoxicated state of mind that I’m in now I think this stuff is pretty intriguing. Songs that don’t really make sense but make sense in the way that they don’t make any sense… I dig this, but as I said I’m hardcore emptying glasses of hard booze as I listen & things are becoming a bit blurry as they reach my inner music appreciation centers.

All these songs are pretty short, a bit sad, a bit like it’s done by a loser who is at the end of his luck and has left normal society to be alone like a singing & songwriting hermit that rather screws himself than society… it’s deep and devotional in that sense and the more I dive deep in these glasses to see the bottoms the more I feel related to this artist. I guess if you are digging it as well we might click and begin a club of people hating weirdoes that live to kick each others buttocks as… what else is there to do?

With 16 tracks on this release there is plenty of material to mumble about, the morality of it all seems to be that it comes across raw and insensibly sensible. It’s very real, made by a person whose soul and personality is as close to the music as the alcohol is close to my liver… I don’t know, it is coming across as very personal and realistic. Things that separates the true artists that live for their work with the ones that live to sound like a billion others because they have to make some money… in that sense I really respect Yes Selma; these songs are taken out of real life and I feel that if there is anyone out there who doesn’t like it or appreciate it; they can all go and screw themselves…

In any case, this collection of bitter sweet songs might not be the thrilling sweeteners on top of your chocolate cake, but they do sound like something and someone who is attached to reality; and reality is a bit.. well.. you know… a bit screwed! So if you want that sound, those kind of songs, in which you can relate too if you too are a bit cynically twisted, hopelessly doomed or simply attached to reality and detached from normal social reality; these songs and materials might be up your alley and tickling your belly. They did tickle mine and I must admit that they tickled me real good!

So yes, songs of happiness might not be exactly the songs of happiness, but they did in some odd way made me happy; making me feel like I’m not the only goddam loser on the freaking planet… no, no! Listen to these bits of reality and realness and you will find out that we ain’t alone! Come and join us in our lovely reality in which everything is screwed and f#cked & enjoy the most out of it!


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