Adipsia – IMBUE

Artist: Adipsia
Title: IMBUE
Keywords: electronic experimental punk ambient improv jazz San Antonio

Listening to music without reading about it seems like a idiotic thing to promote or stimulate when you are typing this bible blog with nothing more than “readable” stuff about “music”… but hey, I’ll do it (nobody reads this anyway!) so yeah…

please stop reading and just listen.

I mean I do it & look at me; still the same clown as yesterday! What can happen in a worst case scenario? Hear something you like? Not like? I guess with this album over here it might be a bit difficult not to like it, I mean it might not be of your taste (you might be one of these fine people who voluntarily listen day in and day out to only harsh noise walls for all that I know…) but in all reasonable fairness, the music captured on this release is pretty fine to listen to.

It’s better than listening to nothing, to the sounds of a neighbor hovering his toupee or a crying baby (oh it’s really cute but it’s noisy, right?) … so yes, Adipsia… it’s the bringer of music that I would like to call ‘listening music’. Nothing that needs discussion, chatting, research groups full of conversations or bimbos like myself writing essays about it how the music makes me feel and what the hell I think it will do for you… it’s music, mate… for listening!

Of course I could type away in lucid forms about the sounds that you could expect, inform you about melodies that you might encounter and other unnecessary words about something that seems to come much more to its right if you just would click that darn link, put the volume up and pull out those ears so to use them for what they (I presume) had been “created” for: Listening…

Listen up man, woman, boy, girl, family pet, animal, bugs inside the room… everyone and everybody! Brian Holman made this music for you! The least you could do is taking the respectful effort to play it, listen and than listen some more… it’s that kind of music, you know. Music for listening & if you are all equipped to do such a action; I really suggest to go for it, try it out, pull the dirt out of the ears and go for it… If you don’t want to do it for yourself (which will be odd!) , do it for Brian Holman who clearly had put so much love into it, and if not for him (the dear musician sweating his ass off for you!) do it for me the tyrannical blogger with too much time on its hands…

think about me, what kind of odd things I could do instead of writing about you trying to listen to things… I mean I could actually go on holiday, or hell; I could make an album too… something you might want to listen one day if you had the chance, you know. That’s what it’s all about, really…

you listen, Brian and me make some more music and this blog will never be updated again… or maybe just a few links like ‘hey, psssh listen to this…” or “hear this one…”. The shortest write up and reviews ever… just directions to things you could hear for yourself, making your own trips and opinions about them as you hear them on the spot… wouldn’t that be great?

Nah, it’s not going to happen, this writing blog nonsense about things I hear has been truly addictive. It’s surprising that anyone visits this place and reads it though, but oh well I guess there is a time and a place for everybody. Still if you are here, please do not forget to listen to this and other releases. But especially to this one, as Brian Holman didn’t make this release for nothing and (I don’t lie!) this is so made for listening… you should listen to it straight away!


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2 Responses to Adipsia – IMBUE

  1. Joe Testicol says:

    Lol 😂

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