G.T. Arpe – One Man Band #3

Artist: G.T. Arpe
title: One Man Band #3
keywords: rock avant garde electronica avantgarde harsh noise indie pop indie rock lo fi indie pop lofi noise rock one man band onemanband post-punk New York

Aren’t we all a one person’s band (I say “person” as one man band for a woman would be a bit strange). I mean, you might not make music, or even want to be a band, but in principle everyone is equipped to be a one person’s band; you got all the band members that you need & slapping your own buttocks might be a good replacement for a drum. Anyway, this isn’t about you or me, this piece of gibberish is (or is trying to be) about someone named G.T. Arpe. A individual that makes music all by itself, probably doing all the sounds and instruments, singing and thinking of the songs by its very own self; yep, a true one person’s band, but in this case a real one man band… isn’t it great?

Yep, listening to this album makes me really want to see G.T. Arpe playing it all. I mean it must be a really cool sight to see how this man made it all lively and on the spot. Does he wear strange instruments between his legs, has he created some kind of construction with ropes and wires that trigger shakers, cowbells, tambourines? Does he play guitar with his toes? Might he have a drumstick stuck in his ass and shake his bunghole on top of a snare drum? It’s so darn interesting how G.T. Arpe does his thing; how he create an entire band all by himself… that’s the charm of such a phenomenon, how do they do it muscle-music-combination-wise… G.T. Arpe must have the swinging hips, the good rhythmic grooves and the musical flexibility that your yoga teacher would do a murder for.

The album rattles nicely the night away, making me exactly feel like I have hired a one person’s band that stands in a corner to play its repertoire. Somehow it really does sound like it’s made in one go by this one individual, although I must say that I got incredibly confused when a song named “Argument: Face Your Truth” played. It was here that I could hear two voices, maybe harmonizing each other or let’s say; keeping each other companionship. They both might be done by G.T. Arpe miraculously pronounced through some mystical way of belly speaking, or perhaps one of the voices is triggered by a tape recording of some kind… or perhaps nothing seems to what it might have been & we had been tricked all along!

Maybe G.T. Arpe had spent years practicing some kind of Mongolian voice thing that makes it reality to speak two voices separately… maybe the other voice had been recorded later on top? I cannot imagine G.T. Arpe having some musician’s friend coming over to lend a vocal to this record and evidentially ruining the entire one man band concept, so there must be some kind of explanation for it all… It’s either G.T. Arpe is a musical one man band genius or there are forces at hand that I do not understand; I’m suddenly so confused! And yes, now I even want to see G.T. Arpe in performance action more than ever before! Might he have used a sampler?

It’s so intriguing and such a source to dream about, how does G.T. Arpe manage to do all this? I can’t even walk and talk at the same time; I would fall over. But here this one man band ticks the rhythm, plays the strings of the guitar and sings the songs that he (I presume) wanted to sing. Just think how trained G.T. Arpe his brain must be; remembering the accords, the rhythms and even the lyrics. As said in earlier introduction; we all might be (in principle) equipped to be a one person’s band, but hearing G.T. Arpe makes me acknowledge that to do it good, its a huge skill that isn’t doable for everyone.

If you are fine slapping your own derriere as a drum, it’s cool with me; but it is by far a long cry away from what the professional G.T. Arpe one man band is able to do & does on all these recordings on this album. This man deserves some authentic respect, a warm applause and some words of appraisal for the skills that he has! This isn’t easy and must require a great brain – muscle combination & of course a great sense of musicianship too! Still, it’s too bad that we can’t see G.T. Arpe live in action performing all these songs, but in a way the lack of visuality sets the mind to think and dream; is he really a man or might he be a music playing octopus? Respect to this one man band!

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