Eva Bowan – Ringwoodite

Artist: Eva Bowan

Title: Ringwoodite

Keywords: electronic ambient ambient electronic experimental electronic Brighton

Let me introduce you to this wonderful album by Eva Bowan; maybe you heard it already and maybe you didn’t, but I’m over the moon to share it here with you. It had been keeping me companionship in difficult times & thought you might experience comfort or joy within these tracks too. On before hand, please excuse me if this write up / review thing sounds a bit too serious; it’s just that kind of thing… it’s important to me & feel it deserves to be treated with the same respect as it had been treating me in it’s comforting & empowering audio ways…

It started with one piece named “Regression To The Mean”, which comes across as a mysterious sounding recording, one in which a intense magically sounding vocal immediately puts a spell on the listener. One in which your ears are evidently super glued to the music, making you want to sit down and taking it all in with pure attention for detail. I sat there for hours playing this track on repeat & I swear that this was a time well spend.

It comes with this bright underbelly kind of synth-bass that forms a dense pact with the intriguing voice of the artist; It’s really something that feels like magic, carefully twirling itself with a perfect electric rhythm as the swing provider, keeping the track together for a full on hypnotic session… if someone had seen my eyes while experiencing this music it must have been an odd sight with eyeballs rolling around in hypnotic circles. This was music that had entranced me from the very first time that it came to my ears, until the very last time (just a few seconds ago).

After this the release comes with “Isolated”, a track that (believe me or not!) gave me the shivers all the way from the top of my head, down my spine to the bottoms of my toes. The music had something really organic, loving and oddly empowering. The voice of Eva swam inside of it, something that felt to me like an music reenactment of an actual healing process, a thing that together with the positive sounds of music became something completely entrancing. In honesty; It made my head spin, feeling somehow loved and very safe, definitely not alone, even though this must have come from a isolated feeling… The shivers all over my skin never lie; this is wonderful!

And than things just got better and better… I mean there is “I’m Here, but Nothing”, one of the most beautiful pieces on the album, one that with simple accords will suck you in & provide the ultimate bliss with vocal delight, consisting of a soft sprinkling repetitive melody that will make living life worthwhile. Yep, that’s right! A life saver! It is as if a magical sun had been raised into the sky, shines bright with a warm glow of positivity & than slides itself in to your back pocket for later use; powerfully enigmatic!

Another moment of dearness comes In the shape of ‘Dawn Warmth’, a track that feels as friendly as sitting next to the left overs of a warm crackling camp fire, somewhere in a magical forest. One in which the wind breezes gently through the tree branches and Eva’s voice rings over the landscape like a goddess who brings goodness to us all. Even the birds and bugs listen silently in peace over here; if someone would check their eyes they probably will see them twirling around too…

To fill up the heart once more, there is “100” the last song on the release , one that swooned around like a mystique hypno loop in which the songstress breaths in and out while electronics create a psychedelic zone that sounds darkly mysterious, but also at the same time feeding powers to the ears of the listener… it’s these kind of audio gifts that made me feel so respectful and appreciative. Music that gives enough energy to brush of your shoulders, makes you feel good about yourself and become ultimately ready to face the world a bit stronger than before…



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