NegativNein – same

Artist: NegativNein

Title: same

Keywords: experimental ambient drone field recordings noise Augsburg

Label: Attenuation Circuit

Is it a bird? Nope it is a word. One that gets repeated until it shows the way down into the deepest abyss of sonic goodness. This will open up a audio portal in which a delightfully kind sounding drone sound will show up, one in which you could carefully slide down into this other world in which warmness is as essential as the blending of psychedelics.

Here the trip kindly starts, one in which both ears (left and right) gets treated with only the best kind of audio crafting, with the kind of sounds that will make you go through a tunnel vision of pure hypnotic strengths. Slow slides of delight, thick and safe; relaxed flowing through the non existing rooms generated by the music that plays itself out in your own head. It’s so pleasant to be here and there deep down in the boldness of safety.

This music makes me feel like there isn’t the slightest thing that could go wrong, it is comparable with the act of being in someone’s good hands & companionship, while actually being all alone in this safety zone of moral ambient. No one will bother you here with chatty nonsense, except maybe just me… but hey; it will be nice to meet you over there within this audio realm… we can shake hands, hug and flow together in lotus position in pure silence. No need to talk, just fly away in peace through a lovely lala-land. One that feels like a gift from nature; deep and dense, fresh and gentle. When a lonely piano dooms up thrills hover down my spine; this is so perfect, who wouldn’t want to float here?


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