LaShun Pace & TYRONE – God Sent Me Tyrone

Artist: LaShun Pace & TYRONE
title: God Sent Me Tyrone
keywords: inspiration, gospel
reviewer: Willem van O.

She got it! Oh yes, baby she got it! One of the biggest massive power-house vocals in human history that atheist might have missed out on, is nobody less than the one coming out of the enigmatic throat of LaShun Pace. Ticking in her name on a almighty video sharing site might change your life, and blast her powers straight into your modern day household. I’m not a religious person, but hearing and seeing this wonderful singer in action, I would consider it as this artist and her incredible gifted talent must be a sign that there is a God… her voice is simply almost too unreal to be explained otherwise!

Yeah, Whitney Houston is and was amazing, but I feel if it the two had done a duet LaShun Pace would have blistered the foundation of any building; so strong you might not believe your ears or your eyes. But please do, because thinking that her voice is a fairytale would dismiss the truth & that would be awkward, right? She has a long singing and recording career but also had gone through a lot of difficult situations. She went through the fire of tough times, but just like her voice she had been very strong, picked herself up and once again made a brand new recording! You can read her enormously intriguing biography over at the following link:
But to me, it’s best to just go through the glorious past of her outstanding performances & enjoy seeing and hearing this incredible talent at its best. Who can resist this charming personality who smiles the whole time as she spreads out her voice to each and every corner of a massive church (& thanks to modern times) much, much beyond that!

All these appearances and performances by LaShun Pace are pretty much amazing, her voice reaches superb heights, it will leave any singer & non singer astounded… Just see and hear her singing ‘Create In Me’ with the AARC Choir & you will experience something close to a miracale!

Now, in the future “God Sent Me Tyrone” By LaShun Pace & TYRONE had come out, this might not come with a massive choir, but still very much show the appealing aspects of the respected Lahan Pace’s voice! But now she has companionship of an radio friendly backdrop of rhythm and music; something that should make her slip into the more mainstream audience. If you like her and want to support her on the journey of life, please do consider purchasing it over here or at any other place that you could find:


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One Response to LaShun Pace & TYRONE – God Sent Me Tyrone

  1. Steven Dozier says:

    How is “Tyrone” a gospel song? Song belongs on soul station…

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