Metri Painaa Kilon – Avaruudessa kasvaa pituutta

Artist: Metri Painaa Kilon
title: Avaruudessa kasvaa pituutta
keywords: experimental alternative can can heads hardcore punk noise punk rock synth punk valse triste Kauhajoki

Move away ambient-trash, wipe yourself out drone-fluff! Piss off relaxed soundscapes, go and roll in a volcano; casual singer songwriter shite! No offense to you all but you got to move out of the way for Metri Painaa Kilon! I have no idea what, who, or where these tunes by Metri Painaa Kilon are about, but just feel that everybody else need to move out of the way for it!

Metri Painaa Kilon is on a killer roll, strumming wildly on their rhythmic weapons of music, hitting the drums like a slaughter in the slaughterhouse & pushing their words out like anarchists ready to let some enemy heads roll over the floor! Metri Painaa Kilon is no sweetie, no candy, no fluffy toy to hold in your bed and sleep with; this is a bolstering blow of energy straight to your head and sensitive areas!

What can you say to defend yourself from this energetic fun punk material? There is no way to not be kicked up your ass by Metri Painaa Kilon and not secretly liking it very much! You might even dance like some fruity nutcase, out of respect or fear; pogoing around like a bewildered head banger that needs to bang its head hardly!

If you need to wake up, gain energy to get your sh*t done, maybe get the courage to go berserk at your day job and make sure you get fired; Metri Painaa Kilon has the music for you! This is raw, edgy and fun; kind of menacing, but you can hear Metri Painaa Kilon are on the good side of life! Don’t team up with the baddies as the goodies are the ones that kick behinds the most! And Metri Painaa Kilon does it in a punky funky way!

Want to have a party going on? Something that swipes up everyone who has been wasted off the floor? Spike them up with the tunes on this album by Metri Painaa Kilon and you have got them all rinsed out in no time! Manic mania in the best sense of the word… highly recommend it,
But if you don’t care… trust me, we’ll keep it for ourselves!

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