pinkcrash – fingers / you’re

Artist: pinkcrash
Title: fingers / you’re
Keywords:alternative alternative pop impro Caen

With ‘fingers’ pinkcrash has something excellent on the hands! A track that sneakily wraps around your ears like a cool scarf that keeps you squeezingly warm. Your blood pressure might be sealed off, but the groovy minimalistic beats and special effects are there to slip you obviously in a slow dancing trance. Everything seems to be at all the right places, perfectly in place to get that hypnotism going on, but when it’s laced up with a intriguing pleasant voice you know that this is next level material.

The voice sings first like a polite safety figure until a certain time frame of the hypnosis has passed & than starts to really flourish and proudly show her wings. Having no trouble getting the listeners off guard, sweeping their minds away and totally replace it with vocal goodness and rhythm. Pretty material that is powerful and enjoyable, even a bit exotic at times; something that really fingers you on the right spot, directly into higher heights.

With “you’re” it’s a similar progress; the music firmly forms the backdrop of rhythm while the interesting voice is on its hunting path to tie you down to gain your full interests. What can you do to resist? Nothing much really; once you play this, sooner or later you get hooked like a fish by a determined fisherman or fisher woman. It’s all cool though, as with music and singing like this; who doesn’t want to be hooked? A fish probably. But I can’t imagine a fish browsing along on the internet reading a strange post like this is the first place. If by any chance YOU are actually indeed a fish; my honest apologies. In any case these two tracks by pinkcrash are goodies to the ears!

If you like what you hear and have this tremendous urge to see and hear pinkcrash performing; you are in luck! On the 30th of this month ‘pinkcrash’ will do its thing on the 10 year anniversary party of the legendary party among parties ‘Gifgrond’, Tillywood, the Netherlands.Be there or… uh… miss out!


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