Axefield – Pressure Drop

Artist: Axefield

Title: Pressure Drop

Keywords: electronic ambient disco electronica house techno Amsterdam

Label: atomnation

Hanging out at the bar, leaning onto it while holding elegantly a beverage in one hand & my own head in the other. This is the situation that this music is feeling perfectly at place in, bubbling away its acid baseline into my ears as I stare into the glass as if I could drink it’s contents with my eyes. I imagine this to be something superman or super woman could do; emptying beverages with their laser eyes, but nope I’m not here equipped with super powers; I’m here with the super music.

It’s house with its stable beats and bouncy vibe, but it also has something very fresh; it must be the synth sounds and the funky edgy bass… perhaps it’s the entire music; who knows? It sounds perfect for listening at the bar, bouncing my head while being held within my hand like it’s an approving Humpty Dumpty bumbling upon the fence. A voice strolls into the music, someone talking about holding onto a ostrich… I’m not sure; I might have dosed off in the fresh dopiness of it all.

It slowly pounds into another track, one that has a tight playfulness to it. I have begun sipping the beverage with a high approval rate as the music provides the high hats all techno lovers love and cherish. The modern mellow melody spreads out through the bar like angel wings that embraces the harder surroundings with ease. When the kicks leave for a bit and a mumbling voice talks and laughs in a friendly loop everything seems to scream; good times in the sun! Or at least (the weather isn’t that great outside) good times in the club! My glass got miraculously emptied and my brain enjoyed the return of the electric stomping rhythm and blissful acidic – melody balance. I order another drink just to celebrate how super this all sounds!

There the Last Minute Man came to deliver my complimentary vibes that went so pleasantly well with my new drink: a festive cocktail with colorful colors and a happy flavor. The music came with the groovy percussions, bright electronica and sweet funky bass to make my brain travel to imaginative versions of Africa, somewhere on a safari between the lions and chill out dance parties! It was here that the cocktail had to be placed out of my hand & even my head had to be released from my other hand it’s grip; this deserved some minimal dance moves that needed both hands free for knee-slapping; a dance that you could do at home (no training needed!)

The last bit of music made me forget the entire bar situation, made me crawl onto the dance floor lights, spread my hands in the air and wiggles my hips in the middle of it all. Alarm bells started to ring, Elton John played a house riff on a glamorous piano, aliens landed with a firm amount of colorful happiness, glitter fell down the sealing and a disco ball turned around to provide the best glitter reflections that made all the horrid dance moves look professionally good! The music was making everything up and nice, no worries just a fantastic house party & all are invited!


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