Gifgrond 10th anniversary

The best party of all parties ever existed, the one and only reason (next to a visit to the Antenna record shop) why you would ever step a step in Tillywood, the Netherlands… gifgrond! Or no, let me capitalize that: GIFGROND! No, no let me rephrase that; motherf*cking freaking f#cktastic GIFGROND!!

Still sleeping? Wait, this news needs a lunatic hitting happily a crashing cymbal of pure joy!

Awake now? GIFGROND!! Freaking Hell!
This GIFGROND is celebrating its tenth anniversary!

What?! 10?! 10 years of G I F G R O N D!?!
Yep, 10 years of G I F G R O N D!!

I don’t mean now, today, but in a couple of days… well more than a couple, but still not too far away; the 30th of September! 2017! It is the day that all who will miss it might die a little inside & the lucky ones who manage to attend and come in; gain so much pleasure that they might add extra bonus years to their life expectancy! Oh yes, if this isn’t a reason to do a fancy dance, than simply think of the benefits to your health! More healthy people within the Gifgrond grounds than out!

So yes, we at YIKIS are so nice to inform you right on time, so you will have nobody to blame but yourself, if for any reason you miss out on this important worldly event! An event that might make you cum in spectacular ways, squirt out the juices of joy just from pure poisonous excitement! You just feed the notion of attending Gifgrond to your brain and simultaneously change your underwear… Let’s hope that fabulous sounds (instead of smells) flip out of your ass!

It is predicted in Casper Electronics his glass bowl that Gifgrond’s 10th year anniversary party would be one smashing experience! One in which more fantastic deejays will spin the most outrageously insane records & three acts of personalities will freak out any straight edge neighborhood cat into a fully-fledged mental patient! It’s all predicted, written in the stars and seen in Casper’s magical bowl… only unpredictable thing would be if you would be there or not…

I mean remember when Törst Obborun performed there somewhere in 2015? The moon turned blue, time stood still for most on the planet & the news papers had penned up tremendous stories of their reporters being intellectually challenged by music so interesting that they gave up their jobs & took their last pay checks to the Bahamas for a good old sunny time!

For the many, many , many years that Gifgrond had organized, executed and amazed it’s wild parties, nothing but love and praise had been gained from the alternative press. The notorious party became so famous that word of it reached the entire globe, making earth citizens like for example Attic Ted (from Texas) fly all the way to come and do his songs… finalizing one of the important tasks that he had written down on his bucket list. What an amazing show it was:

If for some reason you haven’t heard about it & need some footage to show you what makes gifgrond such a special place.. you might want to check out this delightful video of MUVIC. One in which you can take a look behind the scene, meet the gifgirls in their natural habitat, inviting the guest in their beheaded Barbie doll infested headquarters for coffee and food before they would unleash their mayhem & terrorize their beloved neighbors until the early hours of the morning. Good times!

Still the organizers, the beloved Gifgirls had been avoiding the attention, the lime-light, interviews, autograph seekers; answering only fan mail through dubious ways, never to lose focus on the quality control of the next one… where other parties died, Gifgrond grew, blossomed and busted like an unstoppable volcano!

Oh wait… let’s go to see CREVER on gifgrond who nods his head in agreement:

They (the gifgirls) had thought that it would be a one off party at first, maybe two or three parties and then utter silence… but nope, the need for an alternative critical underground venue of this kind in which attitude is just as important as… as… as… as what? Ah yes, the good vibes! Freaking hellish great cultural blending of the ultimate best vibes in the galaxy! I mean they had Hassan K rocking their premises setting the trend for the future!

But also the one and only fun loving masked Persian named LOGOSAMPHIA was and is one of the always amazing hardcore mental Gifgrond inhabitants that sets the place upside down! Will he come for this birthday? Of course he would!

This might be a real eccentric eye opener and scene changing experience among the more rules-orientated ass-licking performance platforms out there. I mean you might just find the party that you feel at home in! A home next to the mental asylum; Gifgrond!

Gifgrond was and is always different! Gifgrond is the kind and polite middle finger towards them all!
If by any chance you are all out of luck, don’t know how to get there…. rumor goes that the gifgrond toilet is not just a toilet, but a secretive way to travel through time and space. It’s basically the entrance to a black hole; just place yourself on the nearest toilet, think of the gifgrond location and flush yourself through the magical sewer system and you shall be teleported straight out of the toilet facility at Gifgrond!

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that I love this party. I love Gifgrond, it seriously has always felt like a home to me, and in honor to that, I’ve never missed out an episode except the ones that I wasn’t there because of unfortunate circumstances… murder, jail time, feet superglued to the floor … that kind of thing. but no, mostly I’ve been always there, upfront, dancing like a maniac, like a Herman Brood that needed its delightful dose of gifgrond in order to survive and function! I mean come on, even stiff robots start to feel flexible at this legendary premises!

It can be fatal though… after the lost rodeo rider was found on the gifgrond grounds he had never been seen again!

If you never, ever, attended one of their epic episodes, I really feel sorry for you. I would stroke your hair and say nice things in order to cheer you up… you have been missing out, not experiencing Gifgrond is like living life without reason, giving birth to air, cleaning cat litter without actually having a cat that made it dirty in the first place… living life without actual breathing!
Come and celebrate the 30th of September at Gifgrond, Tillywood, Netherlands… it’s the one anniversary party you shouldn’t miss!

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