Static Goat – In the Darkness

Artist: Static Goat
title: In the Darkness
keywords: schizoBeat, schizoNoize, Noise, Noize, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Electronic, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Ambientnoise, Noiseambient, Dark Ambient Noise, Experimental Music, Death Industrial
reviewer: Simon Hit

The noises… these noises… they crawl over me like bugs, creeping through my hair like creatures of the night, itching and scraping their creepy legs over my senses; what happened and what is happening? These noises flip out animal sounds, demonic growls, odd hissing hisses; it made me feel like I need to find an antidote to the obviously sick mind that had been infiltrated by terrible madness.

Fortunately I remembered that it was Static Goat, one project that had been feeding my ears with these noises, these wicked industrial noises that made my head spin in creepiness. Even a shimmering rhythm couldn’t safe me from creepy crawlers, sliming their ways around the senses until they become paranoid and useless.

Static Goat might surprise you by not going for that static sound, making these noises swing like industrial insects that are possessed and hungry. They might even dance in your ears, spitting their liquids and shooting out their webs deep into the brain to capture your last bits of sanity. I don’t know, the madness is groovy, noisy and pretty much unexplainable. Talking about the unexplainable, look there is even a video clip:

The noises of Static Goat start to sing in the brain, forming a voice that instructs to play more & get others to hear and play it as well. A curse in which if I won’t spread the word, my marbles will be lost forever & the noises of Static Goat will play on even if the release had finished. But it’s no problem, these voices, those noises, the devilish laughter; it’s all okay to play and hear them forever… Static Goat’s darkness isn’t that horrible… or is it? No more silence… When I typed this, a monstrous giggle played itself out in my brain; did I break the spell or is this the voice of my new master?

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