Charlie & the Lesbians – The Lost Boy

Artist: Charlie & the Lesbians

Title: The Lost Boy

Keywords: garage garagepunk punk fuzzy Eindhoven

Words by: your dealer

Pshh… hey you… yes, you… fancy some Charlie? … how about some Charlie & the Lesbians? You aren’t in need? Well, that sucks for you, as I’m sure someone else would love to obtain some Charlie & the lesbians cause that stuff has all the potential to get you up… but I will leave you, letting you standing there in the knowledge that you would have loved it, after all it’s much more fun than the usual white powder intake snorted from a couple of gay sausages… or maybe it isn’t… still, the least you could say is that if you took some Charlie & the lesbians you would be bored, cause even though Charlie sounds a bit like he is bored with life, his boredom combined with the powerful sounding lesbians is a proper exciting thing!

… you want some of it now? No? I respect that… but can I ask you what you would use alternatively to give you they buzz to wake up? What is it that fucks you up on a regular basis? Cause you know this Charlie & the lesbians over here have all to wake you & fuck you up into a mess. It’s better than having breakfast within a rollercoaster… seriously, Charlie & the lesbians will give you those upside down experiences without you having to puke up a piece of toast and costa coffee.

You want some of it now? Did you change your mind? If so, I’m here offering you the finest Charlie & the lesbians in town; pure class A quality! It will transform you into a real punk! Not a plastic woozy or a employee at the bank, but you know… one that spits on the floor and didn’t wash itself in years! Fancy some Charlie & the lesbians? …

I don’t want to sound too pushy, but you might be the lost boy that fits this music perfectly, you just didn’t know it yet… I mean everything will fall in place when you just would take some of Charlie & the lesbians, they will make the noise for you, give you that rough tough love sound that keeps it real… not some commercial can’t believe it’s not butter shite, you know? Seriously, if you are interested I’ve got some beautiful Charlie & the lesbians over here… I’ve got all day… I mean I can wait here if you want, I simply know you would be back wanting to take some Charlie & the lesbians from me… it’s brand new stuff you know?

Yes, I might be doing the devil’s job over here, but hell what do we know? You only live once, so why not spice it up with Charlie & the lesbians? I’ve got all day, so take your time… you want a free sample? A bit of Charlie & the lesbians to get you convinced? … you know what? I just give it to you, use it wisely and please do tell all your friends as this is some good shit:

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