Darkmessenger – Voices

Artist: Darkmessenger
Title: Voices
Keywords: world music, trance, electronic, dance, New age with classical elements.

Darkmessenger’s ‘Voices’ is so different than my ears thought it would be. It probably had to do a lot with the artwork and pictures, Somehow I imagined it to be medieval metal of some kind, but nope; this was something that successfully blended new age, spoken word, electronics, folk and steaming dance together. All of them surprisingly working along for a unique kind of audio smoothy. I’m not a health freak but smoothies like this certainly have a time and a place in my life, like uh right the F now…

Within this smoothly the Darkmessenger sings & talks like an hooded personality, one who I imagine to have a magical talisman under its robe & has no problem to sword fight or use modern weapons from space: perfectly at home in both places/worlds/galaxies! The man must be just as easy in comfort while howling at the moon, as flying like a Phoenix or dropping words that are potent spells that might change the color of the sky.

The messenger is the wind, imagine him trying to look into drops of water to see its own reflection. He is the clouds that bring shadows of light to the bay & witchcraft to butterfly wings, so they glitter and glow deeply within the night.

Wow, things might get a little poetic over here… perhaps even a bit much, As it seems that I’ve gone mental as the bit above might sound vaguely weird or strange to you; it’s obvious that you didn’t check out the music yet. It seems how poetically strange, the better the magic spell within this brand of music flourishes. The stranger the poetic words within the lyrics, the nicer it grows along with the sounds. It’s the combination of it all, a thing that basically is what makes a smoothy a smoothy.

Add some alcohol and the smooth smoothy might make you into a smooth talker… or perhaps an odd poetic; a messenger of words, sentences and messages that are coming across wise and deep, like an unknown voice of some kind of cult that would love to chatter you into its wings!

In any case my message to you is that the Darkmessenger isn’t a death metal singer, isn’t biting bats their heads off their bodies & doesn’t come across all that violent. But instead it’s bringing this blend of new age poetic dance music that you hardly hear on your average day. Perhaps today is the day to make it happen, let the words and sounds of this messenger in. After all what harm can it do? Surprise you?

So where to get these dark messages from? I mean where to get the ‘voices’? I guess it will cost you money as no messenger does deliver its messages for free & Darkmessenger isn’t a changing this rule. You might have to click towards this music creature’s own website, face the graphic interface, sign or look at the guestbook (always leave a message when visiting a messenger!) and follow the links there to obtain the music… good luck!



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