Dead In Japan – Fakkutekuno

Artist: Dead In Japan
title: Fakkutekuno
keywords: experimental tech house chillout club dance harsh noise harsh noise wall harshnoise wall hnw noise techno United Kingdom
label: HNM
reviewer: Simon Hit

DEAD IN JAPAN will unleash the butterflies that pair up with hearing lovely easy going melodies and hard tech beats; it’s something that corresponds perfectly to the album’s art, but feels a bit like a shocking surprise to find it on the HNM label. A combination that made me go into this release with a certain suspicion that the tracks might blow my speaker system up, making it a listening process that took some time to fully trust in able to lower the shields of protection. But when the music gained my trust DEAD IN JAPAN had waved the butterflies’ goodbye and instead presented the freaky baseline that turned my bare feet into dancing shoes! Wobbly, wobbly, shaky, shaky; this might have been completely unexpected, but greatly received!

So yeah, I said “YEAH” when the album continued to play its friendly music, spiked it up with a pleasantly hard mixed rhythm as stiff as a you-know-what & began dancing with a fine twisted smile upon my face! Oddly DEAD IN JAPAN made me feel very much alive! Kicking high and low, doing some sweet back-flips ; this music made me feel great, what a nice surprise! Even the hip-hop beats that normally I would be stone cold for made my arms and hands come together for a well willing clap-along! Some might even became a bit too much dancy, like the highly awaited ‘future punk’ one, in which I suddenly felt like waking up in a club in which the kids where suited in fancy training costumes instead of the expected Mohawks … still this couldn’t kill my joy!

PleasureKill was another such moment on this album, almost living up to the title’s meaning… I guess in a way I wasn’t expecting this release going all the way into repetitive house music; but hey, nothing could really turn me down when im already up; hell I would dance even if I wouldn’t really feel like it at this point! And there wasn’t any way back, DEAD IN JAPAN came up with more dance tracks, ready for in the club, refraining from more melodic bits or (what I had thought it would be) harsh noise artefacts; instead it was high hats, kicks and a samba ball of some kind.

I guess you must be into this kind of high tech dance music to fully enjoy this release, but if you are why would you find it on this label among so much harshness? Maybe it functions as a kind of booby trap, tricking the lovers of minimal dance music into the deeper abyss to find themselves suddenly surrounded by other music pieces of extreme harsh noise? It was weird, but wouldn’t really surprise me! Especially when arriving at the final track in which obvious laughter could be heard; is this all a good joke? I smiled and shrugged my shoulders; humor is cool!

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