shanyio – Hedera

Artist: shanyio
title: Hedera
keywords: acoustic cello experimental hedera percussion ambient dark drone Timișoara

The music comes up like humming swans and emotional gooses, twirling around devotionally in a blackened lake. A tight drummer floats by while drumming away in a rubber boat, giving the animalistic emotions the boost to become more growly and gritty. The surface of the water wobbles under the plastic like acidic oil that spaced out ravers might like to lick up with their tongues; this brew of expressions might make the cows in the nearby field moan with delight.

In the second part of this music session things become a bit more intimate; a twirl of buzzing wasps arrive on the scene to find a place to land, only to be greeted with dense poisonous air coming out of the backside of one of the distinguished swans. Poisoned fumes make the air go silent, giving way for another humbling choir of featherlike humbling music.

Things here feel like a place in which an eerie vibe is equal to certain pleasantness. The ambience swoons around like a warm sunset on a foggy mysterious morning, somewhere above this lonely imaginary peddling pool for featherlike creatures. We can relax, observe and watch it with binoculars… but mostly it’s perceived by ears and the imagination.

At the final episode on this release the whole lot comes together for a trippy foot-step worth of rhythmic soundscape. One in which it feels like nature has blew a wind through the air, blowing away the dust and waking up the toads in the pool. The birds sleep with their beaks deeply tucked away in their fur & squishy sounds can be perceived bubbling out of the rubber boat. It’s a strange place, a bit like going on a walk for yourself and stumbling upon this scene of nature that only you can receive…

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