Armenia – We Are Still Machines

Artist: Armenia
Title: We Are Still Machines
Keywords: alternative amir mofrat electronic iran dance electronic music electronica kamancheh Genoa

The hit by Armenia ‘Like A Dervish’ might be still in your head, forever fresh like a just caught fish of special electro psychedelic pop it simply never seems to wiggle its recognizable happy tail. But hey! The producer just dropped an entire studio album and trust me this pleasant tune is included (twice!) so this might be enough reason to catch it & enjoy. Let me walk you through it cause that’s what we normally do around here…

At first I felt like being beamed back to the time in which the boys of Kraftwerk had been kings of the world , a period in which robots and their sounds still spoke to the imagination & modern music was more old school than the nowadays. This ‘we are the enemies’ is like the ‘we are the robots’ of the future, taking the best parts of the retro perspectives, cleaned it all up and brought it back to life again!

For the progressional track named ‘Like a dervish’ I had already penned up a whole essay about, fill in the search option and you will find it. Let me tell you in a very short version of a review: this stuff is good! But after this it’s time for “impressions”, a totally different kind of tune , less concrete and to the point, more shimmering like some kind of robotic dinosaur that needed a soundtrack to place its flat paws along. Step by step this electric track walks and when it’s done it’s time for a bunch of numbers. These numbers are getting repeated so we can try to count along & enjoy them with some slushy lasers, some construction work on the backdrop and a bass. It’s not like the pocket calculator song of Kraftwerk ‘catchy’ but more like a minimal countdown that might be more of s filler than a killer. Nonetheless I found it fairly enjoyable.

As expected after a count down the real shit will happen, and with this track named ‘Balance’ this pretty much hit that euphoric highlight in its agenda. It comes with some kind of thematic themed melody, it comes with the sound of wind and a industrial sounding science fictional rhythm and a robotic female voice to keep the atmospheres in higher atmospheres. It’s utterly mysterious, like a startrek series in which the Borg had taken over the main leading roles of the enterprise and its crew members & all is a bit more dark & robotic. Everything is getting reassembled, the whole show gets a make over and it feels much more creepy than comical.

A more upbeat moment on the album comes with the arrival of ‘3days’, one in which a electric rhythm gives reason for shiny boots to hop on and off the floor and robot impersonators could do their stiff dance moves. More special and magically interesting is all that is happening within the ‘engage me (ballet) track. It’s a combo of a robo-bounce hitting a slow bong with classical cultural references. Not something that seem to come from outer space or a robotic world but something more Armenian, with an old school violin and even a moan-singing man that seems to be completely into some kind of trance… yep, pretty damn interesting!

It comes as a real delight when the song with its cultural melody gets a full on electronic return, with bubbling baselines and a fine electropop groove that is so cool that even the moan-singer seems to be at home in!

The album ends with the (as promised!) recognizable hit, loved by yours truly and probably by others like yourself. Of course it’s ‘Like a dervish’ taking the listener for the last time to a strange outer space in a experimental psychedelic pop way… it’s a blessing to end upon this high melodic notes, there is no doubt that even though the fair amount of other tracks on this album; it’s still the best tune of Armenia!


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