Various Artists – boo tapes – LOXMfest Compilation

Artists: various
Title: boo tapes – LOXMfest Compilation
Keywords: bass, beats, experimental, rhytms, Brooklyn

I stumbled upon this 2012 compilation by googling Maria Chavez, I don’t know why exactly, but someone had tipped me to check this artist out… Of course it’s best to hear and see someone performing live on stage, but somehow hearing a track (and finding a complete interesting compilation around it) wasn’t such a bad way to get to hear a bit of this artist’s work. It might not have been very long, but as the opener of this compilation it certainly got me into it in no time.

Her track was named ‘Low Ghost’ which made a lot of sense when hearing the audio composition. Something that crackled sweetly like wood on fire within a fireplace had been teamed up with a mysterious ghostly voice… something that haunted me and wouldn’t leave me along. Even when the entire album was finished I felt like she was still humming within my ears; might this be the spirit that ordered me to google Maria Chavez in the first place?

I’m glad though, as otherwise I would also have missed out on ‘Waiting’ by Jeanann Dara. A track that perfectly rubbed shoulders with the ‘Low Ghost’, giving pretty little brushy rhythms & an interesting atmospheric backdrop of mellowness a platform to shine. Within it, a super warm sounding singing voice did its gracious thing, making me feel like I had stumbled upon a long lost treasure…

A feeling that only became better when I heard Lazurite’s Celestial Nag. Something nobody really should be nagging about, as this warm vibrating fuzzy ambient music was like an act of kindness, somehow mysterious but oh so full of love. It was melodic and moving, but also fragile and thin; it took me away like a ladybird in nature. I don’t know exactly how, but somehow it blew me into this very lengthy guitar like world created by Lisa Liu. She called it ‘Decided’ and I can only presume it refers to her decision to take well willing listeners onto a fantastic journey. What a great journey she created over here, something that started of easy and relaxed, grows up to be a bold wild adventure in which the guitar starts to roar like an tiger. At the end a moment of sense will put everything back on its feet; such a great story music-wise!

Someone who has no problem to take us on a storm in a different way is Rachel Mason with her sing a long song on a firm electro groove named ‘Marry Me Mary’. One sentence that gets a real meaning when performed over here, full passion and devotional expression Rachel grooves it out with her funky vocal to the max.. to underline how serious her proposal is she aligns the electro pop with a heavy electric guitar, taking it up to the next level of epicness.

Than i found the intriguing music by ‘Opal Onyx‘ something that fiercely expressed itself in a slow intoxicating way. It felt like Jefferson airplane but than done by a single person and without the rock vibes; everything was chilled and easy going but felt so psychedelic. When Opal Onyx opens her mouth to sing you just sit back, spaced out & listen with all the attention that you could afford!

For a cool groove session you clearly need to check out Heidi Sabertooth‘s Tell Me. With minimal sounds and in a low tempo of a speed she brought exactly the things that it needs to sound absolutely like the coolest cool ruler in town. She places her words on top of the thick bass like it’s a rhythmic instrument, creating a unbeatable moment of coolness that you could only bow for with respect. She makes it sound easy, but good luck trying to be even close to her attitude within the music.

A full on trip by Snaykhunt is also a pleasure to the ear, with a warrior like percussion and world music bits and bites that made me feel like a traveler through a Ben Hurr like world without all the actors! It went by so quick, wished it would stay for ages, but luckily it easily slipped the wise with the pleasant track created by Trabajo. One in which loving melodies, epic percussions and a psychedelic friendly sound brought me to Buddhist altitudes, with electric modernity and humbling humming she took me to a jungle in which nature and modern technology had embraced each other with ease…

At the end of this found treasure of a compilation there was this track by Lesley Fanigan, one that spreads itself out like a mistress of deep drone and machine sounds that are sharp, warm and kind. Delivering the perfect vibrations to buzz yourself into a pleasant trance or a fine state of a sleepy mind. Machine and humbling singing human, together working together to create the magic ‘snow’; I freaking loved it! So yes, this compilation might have been dropped on the internet in 2012, it still is a relevant pleasure to hear in the nowadays. It really felt like stumbling on a long lost treasure & everything that I heard was more worth to my ears than pure gold! No need for me to sit on this treasure all alone, so please do come over and check it out:


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