Ladonna Rama – Reach The Ceiling

Artist: Ladonna Rama
Title: Reach The Ceiling
Keywords: electronic dance electro electronic electropop gay house ladonna rama queer Sydney

Ladonna Rama provided the last chance to cross the boundaries, a reason to express yourself and dance upside down on the ceiling. Hang on to a twirling disco ball, hold on to your glamorous wig and set your fake eye lashes in motion; now is the time and the space. Wiggle your behind in that fabulous dress of success & feel so free that you would never want to touch the ground ever again.

In spooky times like this, in which real life clowns are scarier than the ones depicted in fiction, it’s simply the best to shrug your shoulders, go for that make up obsession and start to experiment. Become a diva of the day and the night before all hell breaks lose, so you don’t need to have regrets when it all ends. With Ladonna Rama all seems fine & with this latest single you might just have that extra pat in the back to go the full nine yards in pure drag!

Glitter and glamour, swinging from one club light to the next; hanging on to the ceiling in such fashion is a refreshing situation. Blood streams towards your fabulous head, mix matching nicely with the bright red lipstick that you couldn’t resist to apply! Wrap your legs around whatever you can find up there, let your arms hang down and grab someone’s random toupee; show them your freedom, your fun loving queerest attitude and be bright & gay!

Enjoy before it’s too late, do it in a place high above the obnoxious crowd that would like to shoot you down with their conservative minds. Give them a party, show them your peacock feathers & let the single of Ladonna Rama in to be the dark tainted colorful rhythm of revolutionary strength! Come on ladies, express yourself!


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1 Response to Ladonna Rama – Reach The Ceiling

  1. Ladonna Rama says:

    Shit yeah! Let me wrap my legs around you sweetie x x x

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