Kyle Roberts – My Feisty Ruckus

Artist: Kyle Roberts
title: My Feisty Ruckus
keywords: rock, lo-fi

There is always a place for a singer songwriter that keeps its material as raw and real as it could be. In this case the time is reserved for this artist named Kyle Roberts. I haven’t heard of this person before, probably because he is totally new into music making, but after I heard a fair amount of short outtakes of the 11 songs on his very first album, I could say that I heard enough to pen up some kind of article. This is not that article, or perhaps it is; in any case the bits that I heard had convinced me that Kyle Roberts might be one of these musicians who are best enjoyed alive, live and on the spot. There is just something to it that makes me want to see him playing and performing these songs… him going out there and bring the music to the people… I just imagine how wonderful it would be to sit somewhere in the back with some binoculars, ready to witness songs like “show me your boobs” and “Well, Shit!” being performed in front of you. The price for the look of your witnessing face would be unpayable; you would enjoy it!

From what I could tell from the snippets, Kyle Roberts has a distinctive voice, very determent to penetrate the ears word for word. He himself claims to us that he can’t sing at all, but I beg to differ on this! I think he is that raw diamond vocal and music-wise that many might have been waiting for. Nobody likes a clean act, or a polished clean cut overproduced one-in-a-zillion singer songwriter & him being an enthusiastic unstoppable newbie certainly makes him sound fresh and honest. Music wise it goes apparently (from what I can tell from the snippets) from intimate lo-fi one-man rock, to a punkier sound & feel.

I really wanted to see and hear more of Kyle Roberts in action, an urge so high that I couldn’t resist that I had to go for the dangerous ‘search’ option on the video sharing site named Youtube, which was obviously a trap… apparently there are multiple Kyle Roberts out there & even though this Kyle Roberts is so distinctive, to find him among all the other Kyle Roberts is a bit like searching for a needle in a pile of hay. Of course this resulted in a Kyle Roberts video tour, a trip in which all kinds of Kyle Roberts passed the revue; this tour was a bit of a waste of time & that’s why I would like to share some of the Kyle Roberts out there, so we can at least say that we have both wasted some time together. Let’s call it ‘bonding’.

Here is an angry Kyle Roberts who is driving back to a McDonalds to apparently explain to the manager what the difference between a cow and a chicken is:

Did you enjoy that? Want some more? Here is Kyle Roberts throwing strikes because he is an amazing bowler:

Oh and (one of my favorite finds!) here is enough self-made cool photos of Kyle Roberts to get an idea of what Kyle Roberts looks like. Such an excellent poser!

Next to the good looks and the knowhow how to pose for pictures, Kyle Roberts is also a men’s fashion designer… I mean, wow! Kyle Roberts is pretty much anything and everything!

Apparently Kyle Roberts is also incredibly good at sports. Here you can watch Kyle Roberts doing an amazing touch down:

Kyle Roberts might be a great bowler, poser, designer and good at doing those touch downs… he is also a wrestler, here is an exciting game in which Kyle Roberts isn’t winning. A sign that he is still human!

If you wanted to see a more fun side of Kyle Roberts, why not watch this unofficial music video of Lil Wayne’s Song “Green and Yellow”, featuring (indeed!) Kyle Roberts and his friend Dillon Krentz.

But all the non-music making Kyle Roberts aside, there was also a whole lot of music making Kyle Roberts out there on Youtube… Here you have a music video of a 16 year old Kyle Roberts playing a guitar while Bree Morgan sings that we need to listen to the music and feel the song:

Of course we know that Kyle Roberts plays the guitar, but what really interests a real music lover must be the real Kyle Roberts’ voice. Here is something that I found that might give you some satisfaction in that sense. A video of Kyle Roberts playing live in the Loch Lomond House:

Kyle Roberts is also at home without the guitar… Here you can hear him doing a cover version of some song named ‘trumpets’:

…strangely, none of the sides of Kyle Roberts as seen above made me think that it was the same as the Kyle Roberts who is responsible for this album named ‘My Feisty Ruckus’. This makes Kyle Roberts really an interesting all round personality, artist, designer, musician, sportsman and man of multiple looks, talents and voices! And yes, you better believe in Kyle Roberts as he is obviously like a superman!

From a very good source (Kyle Roberts himself) we know that he had just begun recording his songs, is in the process of learning to do it all on his own. From learning how to play the guitar, writing songs and (not unimportant!) record it all. He might think that he has a lot to learn, but his unstoppable uncanniness of fun to create, express and face the challenge to do it all for real, is a sign that Kyle Roberts will grow like a very fruitful prolific artist. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be able to tell that these are the baby steps in music making / song writing / singing and recording from Kyle Roberts. That might either mean that there is lots of bad music out there, or simply that indeed Kyle Roberts has unleashed its creativity in the right way! From the small amount that my ears could hear I can tell that Music is the thing for him!

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  1. Kyle Roberts says:

    Find the YouTube videos for the correct Kyle Roberts here:

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