Merzlux – Subtraction as a Creative Method

Artist: Merzlux

Title: Subtraction as a Creative Method

Keywords: Lobit , 8kbps, techno, experimental, noise

Label: 8ravens

Reviewer: Leo Lobit

Oh my goodness! I don’t know about you, but I am here and I’m dancing my ass off! Thanks to Merzlux’s Subtraction as a Creative Method I couldn’t keep my legs or arms in one place. What the actual f*ck! How did Merzlux do this? His music doesn’t sound like a too 40 hit that you will hear on the dance parade radio show, it doesn’t have a flashy video with male hookers dancing around in erotic lights, it doesn’t have that trance-like pulse that all those commercial dance anthems have…

no, Merzlux is strictly sticking to the underground sound, making me nuts with its lovely case of data loss, it’s amazing buzz of ‘go screw yourselves’ & that very pretty Lobit sound! It builds up (kinda) but it doesn’t even need it. It’s a full on either-you-get-it-or-you-don’t extravaganza & when you ‘get it’ you will probably find yourself dancing uncontrollably like yours truly.

Yep, dancing and dancing… and after that; dancing some more! Merzlux hits those abstract underground Lobit techno vibes like no other. If you wouldn’t know any better you might even mistake it for noise! Ha, if this is noise I will eat the bottom of my shoe! This is underground Lobit techno for all the addicts that needs to go abstractly insane! Oh my goodness, I’ve gone insane thanks to Merzlux’s freely downloadable release! I do not wish for you to go mental too, but in case that you are already, or perhaps half-way through; oh gosh, just check it out! It might just mess around with your head enough to trigger you into the realm where insane Lobit dancers are hanging out! We await your arrival:

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One Response to Merzlux – Subtraction as a Creative Method

  1. Unmual says:

    Amazing,thanks for sharing.

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