Trixie Delight – Night

Artist: Trixie Delight

Title: Night

Keywords experimental avant-garde drone female field recording musique concrete noise sound art United Kingdom

The night comes, it arrives in sound form with loud uprisings that come and go like waves in the sea but are much more tonal. With a rattling sensation the sky had become plainly dark with lighted stars and a bright moon, all sparkling bravely in my mind as created by the melodic crunchy tones of Trixie Delight. They make me feel like being near a coastline, with a ship in front sailed by her like a true captain, steering these tonal waves like a conquering conquerer of the night and the seven seas. It makes my liver rumble for a pint of whisky, but seduces my brain into a certain calmness in which no artificial sedated needs to be used other than the music one.

In this setting the captain of atmospheric experimental night-music introduces her friend David Atlas to the scene. A windy breeze pulls up, making me feel a bit cold, a thing that was realistic enough to make me put on a sweater and a knitted scarf. In this outfit the track’s realistic breeze couldn’t give me the shivers, making it possible to hear it without any possible problem. The scene here was one of nature and technology, one that is naturally real and refreshing and the other glitchy and exciting. It turned the imagined ship from an authentic wooden one, into one that has been pimped up by modern nuttiness.

When David left and it was time to hear what Trixie had cooked up music wise, things started to become slightly in disorienting ways. The music odd and warm felt like it was falling in bows. In half circles the newly formed tones came, went up and than disappeared for others to come in. Strange sound artifacts gave the scene a real 3D stereo effect, sucking me up in a extraordinary world in which nothing might really seem what it is & even though the bigness of it all, sounds suddenly very private and intimate.

The scene opened up its horizon again with the coastal line as heard and seen in the early mornings. The water of the sea splashes kindly against the speakers while artificial seagulls scream their yells for fish through the air. All is good and peaceful here, the boat still in sight, anchor still secured in the depth with a proud Delight looking at us on the beach. This is all a dream… this must be… a scraping sound of a uncanny kind comes to wake me up, ready to tell you to come and join me on this nicely orchestrated time-off!


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