Elizabeth Veldon – ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)

Artist: Elizabeth Veldon
Title: ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)
Keywords: experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom

I don’t know about you, but I was really in the mood to hear music that had come out of the mysterious hands & mind of the legendary Elizabeth Veldon. Just when I clicked for ‘experimental’ stuff in bandcamp her name appeared and when I followed it; pretty music followed as well.

Twenty minutes of it, a time period that anyone in need for some fine minimal ambient drone material would be very happy and pleased to find within their ears. The tone that the artist is giving its attention too is ringing like some kind of magic, a vibrant minimalism that felt to me like it’s a morning time that never ends. As if Elizabeth Veldon had captured the morning glory, cultivated it with her experimental ways and managed to repeat this favorable feeling of sound until the very end.

It made my ears twinkle from delight, sparkling in it’s hypnotic relaxing ways. I couldn’t tell if it was moving, or if it was stable; but I could definitely tell that I was enjoying it very much. This serene serenity audio-wise simply had something lovely over it, as if an angel had stopped time and space & kept it ‘pause’ at the very best moment of moments.

When out of the blue & completely unexpected some sentimental piano notes appeared I was in a full state of pure bliss. Elizabeth Veldon had not only captivated the music of the perfect moment in time, she also cultivated it into something much more beautiful than it already was. Surreal, serene and in all honesty; pretty beautiful.



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    Just spent twenty minutes sidetracked by this minimalist piece and was happy to do so.

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