Nakoma-Z & Bruce Gall – The Void

Artists: Nakoma-Z & Bruce Gall
Title: The Void
Keywords: ambient electronic new age space Dundee

The Void by Nakoma-Z & Bruce Gall Is like a joyful lonely journey into outer space, a intergalactic galaxy that you didn’t know it existed, so foreign and strange, yet so unthinkably nice. After a small countdown there is no time lost to come into ‘the void’. With a guide that speaks in a prominent voice that explains where we are, and what we are experiencing ‘time becomes irrelevant and so do you…’ it’s a strange appearance, one that feels like a new age traveling trip to a cosmos in which ego is of no importance and beautiful ambience is the most important ruler of it all.

With a strong synthesized experience the music will make us fly through the barrier of the void, an adventure through space and time that really prospers when you go for it while wearing headphones. But even through normal speakers the journey sound environmentally 3D and thickly dimensional. The soundscape is so impressive that it will shut the mouth of the biggest chatterbox, taking their minds away deeply in to the abyss of time and space. The dark corners of it all still reveal pretty lights of perfection, making us feel like blessed expats that have gone to a place where no expat (or human in general) had gone before.

Within it we stare at the colors, observing in pure loneliness the alien views of the unknown. It’s a grotesque environment that is shown, but the bigger it sounds the lonelier the experience becomes. It’s a galaxy of self reflection, of experiencing everything and nothing at the same time. Maybe all is just a dream and the music took us more into the star fields within our own brain’s imagination. Maybe bananas are green and strawberries are yellow. In any case the music of this spacious adventure in outer space can be seen as a experience that could be compared to be on the deck of a space ship, looking out on the window with no crew members other than yourself on board. Nice and quite, yet with a view of the void that is largely impressive. You’d probably die alone there,but at least it’s a beautiful place to do so.


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