various artists – BASTARD GIRL UTOPIA – Reclaimed Noise

Artist: various
Title: BASTARD GIRL UTOPIA – Reclaimed Noise
Keywords: world body horror eai experimental hnw love low frequency noise outsider queer virtual Detroit

A compilation that seem to reclaim noise, one that features a tight togetherness of artists that you do not want as your enemies. But luckily there is no reason to be worried, as the noises that they make are good and fierce. Like warriors who had to fight for their spot & now completely claim the noise as their own!

Emily Glass brings in enough sounds to shiver anyone’s senses. From glass that breaks to mysterious electric buzz, beeps and spooky recordings. She for sure sets the compilation into a unprecedented mood; nobody would have the slightest clue or idea what will be happening. A dark feast, or a celebration? Maybe something in between?

Charlotte de Sicaä however sets the record pretty much straight; this is a session of abrasive noise, flushing itself out through high hissy frequencies that might make the expensive glass set explode with its precise volume.

Zovi brings a nice moment of mania to the collection, giving a speedy sounding freak show with a quick funky bleep thing brings a possible final mental meltdown in danceable form. When it gets more thick and noisy in volume it simply gets better and more insane… until the insaneness of it all becomes so high that it actually starts to sound quite beautiful.

Rose Cherami takes on the noise show with ease, rocking out in a nice thick distortion that will make the speakers potentially blow up. There are melodies and even a drum to be discovered, but Rose spiked the cloud of harsh noise so up that it will be more of a deep trip to discover them.

Jennifer Walton’s track is pretty nice, offering noises that scrape onto each other, like that crunching sound of teeth that bite deeply in hard apples. But also more fat sounding drone noises have joined her in the tour of awesomeness. It’s a real composition, a soundscape that I wished would be much longer…

tch makes also a nice appearance, bringing electric sounding slimy sounds that made me think of a futuristic world in which robotic machines would have an instant saliva production. It’s rhythmically industrial, but very watery!

Giga Drill Breaker is the one on this compilation to bring some of the fine harsh noise. It acts out a bit like a very harsh sounding wall of noise, but has more to it than what meets the ears. It moves, changes, does things within its blistering sound of hardness. It eventually becomes like something you would hear if you placed a heavy shower head in to both your ears… it’s refreshing and deafening at the same time!

All the way at the finish line there is a Five Star Hotel waiting for you. As special exclusive treatments and services goes, this one treats its customers with a funtastic beating. One that flubbers on the cheeks, feeds electric energy with a mental mentality in vocal & noise form. It’s more expressive punk than your average punk; no idiot on a guitar would be able to conquer similar powers as expressed here. Futuristic anarchy is what this hotel is giving!


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