Artist: A.P.E.
Keywords: experimental noise experimental rock post-metal post-rock Monterrey

The music done here by a certain A.P.E. sounds as if it is made for a full round moon. I imagine A.P.E. going apeshit on their instruments in tribulation for the big thing in the sky, perhaps cheering it with some cups of fresh blood, I don’t know, something special, dark and euphoric.

It comes across as a great adoration by a band that mixes a spectacular amount of noise with something along the lines of post metal rock. It’s a great combination, making the howling music much more effective & louder, but also more atmospheric. At certain times it somehow pushes the limits with great success, as if the music wants to make itself known to that big thing in the sky, making sure that it knows how awesome this brand new kind of music style A.P.E. had made, created, discovered and executed!

If my dodgy ears didn’t deceive themselves, there was even a uncompromising trumpet involved within this gritty expression of music that reach through the darkness towards the stars. It’s quite a miracle as the music is seemingly heavy, but it’s noises and screeching guitar makes it all go up like well made rockets that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

With big drums & enough noises to scare the bats out of their hiding places, this music had enough substance to elevate the entire roof. But it must be said that A.P.E. also has the guts to show a more fragile sounding side, one in which everything is more peaceful and down to earth. As if it knows when to go and shoot itself respectfully into outer space & when the moon needs some distance. It really takes courage to lower your shields & show a sensitive side, especially when it’s obvious that A.P.E. has the blistering coolness that easily gets catapulted into the big galaxy. In any case A.P.E. proofs itself to be able to sound humble and full of euphoria at the same time… let’s see if you have a similar mood control by checking this release out at the following link:



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1 Response to A.P.E. – INTITULABLE

  1. Jaime Paredes says:

    Thanks a Lot.
    -Alex, A.P.E.’s Bass Player.

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