Dirty Caka – No vengas que hay olor

Artist: Dirty Caka
title: No vengas que hay olor
keywords: electronic experimental poppunk punk Buenos Aires

Are you ready for some fun? Some fantastic party?
Something to make you go mental and make the babies cry?
You know? The cool shite! the stuff that makes you move and is too cool to be featured anywhere else? Unpredictable, genre-less, super manic; insane in all the best possible ways?

Dirty Caka is for you! All the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina this one is here to stay!
super cool stuff, that makes you want to shit your pants just by its rhythms and the fun-tastic melodies all entangled in weird synthesis! Gosh, I don’t even know what it means that I’m typing; just know that this is the material you want to hear at parties! This is the Dirty Caka that you want to see & freak out with!

The voice of Dirty Caka is sharp and rebellious, like a raised middle finger with a mouth and lung system; this girl is tough and gives no f*cks! She can even give a pinch to sweet sounding sounds and melodies; it’s the spice in the mix, the strong vocalist that ties the madness all together! And yes, there is a man too… But let’s say he is the pepper of the mix! One who keeps it nice and gritty in flavour; they an excellent team!

But ha, no… really, don’t read anything anymore; just go down, click that freaking link and play this stuff at the best possible volume! 400 percent fun guaranteed! Let’s just do some dancing cause why so serious? Come on let’s rave! Bring the merry melodies and go punky! Go down and dirty and join in as Dirty Caka is delivering a really nice party over here:

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One Response to Dirty Caka – No vengas que hay olor

  1. dirty caker says:

    eyyyyy we loved this text about us! thank u :::)

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