Psychics – Phonometrics

Artist: Psychics
title: Phonometrics
keywords: ambient bass beats downtempo electronica soundscape sound Mexico
label: Σшρτγ

A strange man welcomed me in his house, he waved to my feet ‘take off your shoes’ and follow me into the living room… There people lay on the floor on yoga mats, all with their eyes closed while their bodies got covered under the flashy lights that turned around on the ceiling. There was an empty mat that was assigned to me. I lay down and suddenly noticed the sounds and the music. It was really comfortable, with relaxing hymns, big resonating bass and a pleasant warm female voice that fell perfectly within it. I closed my eyes too, making it easier to focus on the music & relax the entire human-being (that is me) with it.

Psychics – Environments Pt. 1 from Luis Diaz on Vimeo.

The lights tumbled over my eye lids in mysterious ways as percussive groove arrived to make this mellow trip into a solid one. I didn’t know why I never had followed up on this invitation to come here and check this music out, but now that I was in the perfect zone for it; it felt like this was exactly the thing that was needed to abolish all signs of stress and worries. The mellowness of warm tones that melodically waved into each other simply felt like some kind of mantra experience. I saw a beautiful beach, one with a breathtaking view and gloriously comfortable sand.

Psychics – Environments Pt. 2 from Luis Diaz on Vimeo.

From here all the muscles in the body started to chill out, giving way for this music to take over all the senses, forgetting the room and enjoying the session of ambient and rhythmic rhythms. Suddenly my toes started to wiggle, my arms started to shake and my legs moved. I was not aware if I was standing up or still being horizontally on the mat; but it felt like the music made me into a marionette doll that pulled the strings of each bone & made me dance in a hypnotic bonkers way.

Suddenly a male voice jumped in my head, giving a story about some hookers he told, it was weird, but in this hypnotic situation anything goes… All was normal, if someone started an orgy over here, I would probably not even have noticed being engaged in the middle of it. That’s how easy the music had taken over all the sensibilities to think … I didn’t know what was up or under & the most amazing thing was that the trip just continued in a super smooth way. Bones and meat where suddenly insignificant, the sounds of deep ambience had dissolved them. Just a soul directed by the music, floating around politely; it got me pretty vulnerable!

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1 Response to Psychics – Phonometrics

  1. Linda says:

    Loved these ones too! Pt 2 a little more because it was a longer piece 😀

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