Chaotica – Dark Energy EP

Artist: Chaotica
title: Dark Energy EP
keywords: electronic drumstep dubstep edm Clemson

With Dark Energy the single prevails, as it rules with loud digital beats that wink hardly towards the dubstep genre. A big flirt of bass, kicks and snares are all working together to snog up to something heavy and modern, yet they do it with enough respect for the good old times. It’s nice, but personally I’m more digging the sicker shit! And no, I’m not talking diarrhea over here… (or maybe I am!)

Holy hell, I’ve been hanging around all day with sick people who indeed had amounts of diareah to share, but this music is indeed sick in an entirely different style and way! This one is slapping the face, banging the head and makes the legs stamp around as if there is some kind of heavy lead integrated in the shoes. It makes me move like an astronaut with breakdancing skills, wearing that goddam suit while still heavily bounded by gravity, stuck with both feet on planet earth.

The third track on this EP named ‘strange behavior’ adds the right amount of flubber-step juice , giving it the right punches to dance either extraordinary good, or to make a complete fool out of yourself! I have been dancing like a spastic rusty robot over here, but there was no audience (just the spy office checking in through the webcam) to see the failure moves… In any case, feel free to try moving to this at your own time and pace. Here is a link, might it serve you well:


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