rose cherami – Telling 02

Artist: rose cherami
Title: Telling 02
Keywords: experimental noise psychedelic true indigo

It’s always a beautiful morning when such beauty arrives that rose cherami opens her album with. Birds chatter lovingly in a perfect world of delay, some rising guitar structure bubbles calmly within it; giving the entire openings structure a homely pleasant feeling. When rose cherami adds a beat to align your heart with, she gives more love by introducing her warm voice to the mix, add a little bit of cute noises and you have basically the feeling that you are listening to some kind of heaven.

From there we take the ‘spell stutter’ to the promised land, one in which backwards music rings the ears politely, bringing a crispy glitchy world in which voices are reduced into ear-worthy extras & field recordings become instruments on their own. This is the best state out of a windowpane of dreams that might be available out there, so I declare that you the loving reader must hear this!

You will be delighted and also rewarded with some very special kindness in a fuzzy relaxed kind of noise pop. In which experimental sounds become the rhythmic soundtrack to carry the songs and singing, clearly delivering something uniquely beautiful over here. rose cherami lays here voice more closer to the ears within ‘north cap’ in which she sings closely all her warm pleasant vocal sounds in your head, along with some hand-played guitar.

After the coziness the artist feeds the listener a snippet of a live show, something that feels like it had been recorded as lo-if as possible; a thing that always pleased my kind of tastes.

It goes smoothly into ‘cut tongue’ in which we can roll happily over thick rolling drums and sweet noises that bring tiny little droplets of sparkles everywhere.

Don’t panic as even the ‘Happening in order’ over here is brilliantly pleasant in it’s audio ways. Spreads out like the best sounding pastry of nice noise you would wish for if you had the chance. It goes into one named ‘4jackie’, which is a short track that seems to be designed to lift us up, ready for the right height at the final finale.

This is where ‘Rattles’ lives, a track that takes euphoria to a next level. Feeding warm lush drone sounds that are warm, deep, candid and pretty damn dreamy in the wonderful side of abstract music. All begins to glow as the soundscape flourishes like a flower field that just opened up all its petals to let the sunshine in. It’s a beautiful reward for successfully taking the trip created by rose cherami…

Come on in and enjoy this trance:


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