Black Matter Phantasm – L’exorcisme De La Couleur

Artist: Black Matter Phantasm
Title: L’exorcisme De La Couleur
Keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw harsh noise wall minimal London
Reviewer: Simon Hit

I saw some tweet, one that claimed that there is no critical reviewing anymore. It was a lost art, the tweet had claimed.. so here let me disproof this tweet by critically reviewing this work by Black Matter Phantasm. Hell, it’s good! It crackles, its warm and dense… shit, it’s difficult to criticize it and give it comments that are useful… something on the line of ‘should have been a bit more dynamic’ or ‘should have added a tint of melody’ and other incoherent out of place nonsensical critics. This is good, now matter what it is. I mean it’s a harsh noise wall, and has all the prospects (nothing) and is as stable as it could be. What more do you want? A drummer ruining it all? A folk singer dancing around in a birthday suit? That would be horrible.

Nah, I can review this critically just the way it is. To proof it, I’ve put on (for the occasion) a tight army costume, boots laced up to my knees and I’ve got a stick. A stick that I point at all the places in the mix, mumbling things like ‘very crackly’ and ‘hmmm’; expecting it up and down, from head to toe & back to front and the other way around again. Stroking my chin and mumbling inside my mouth like a true intellectual that is never satisfied, no matter how many orgasms or how good the music or non-music is. There has to be always something to say some shit about… too loud? Adjust the volume… too soft? Adjust the volume… hmm I guess with a talented harsh noise wall creator like Black Matter Phantasm, there is simply nothing to criticize, other than it being too good! Damnit! It’s too good! See? I’ve found a critical point of criticism! Too good! This harsh noise wall creation is too good! It filled me up completely in all the best possible ways, having nothing to say or actually complain about it… too damn good!

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