Enzo Mosconi – Constellation – EP

Artist: Enzo Mosconi

Title: Constellation – EP

Keywords: electronic house tech house techno. constellation enzo ep mosconi original mix paris techno Paris

In the search for a short EP to hear within the free ten minutes of wifi gained at the train station, I came across nothing but rock, punk and guitar fluff. Until this Constellation suddenly popped up! Thank goth for this one, it has the perfect vibe to get a person in the mood for international train travel. It has that trans Europe express vibe mixed with that pounding heavy bass kick that automatically made me think of being on the move already. Even though I’m just sitting somewhere after a French man had reluctantly and with full disinterest took a peek in my passport. Ah, the French border control are the toughest, but with the find of this particularly booming dance track upon the ears, even they can become sweet pussy cats.

This Track just kept itself pounding, with it subtle woofing techno bits it felt all extremely alright. The good thing of it all is that after the first track had moved on, a second version (the original mix!) would follow in it’s place! This one really kept the train-ride groove up and strong! The high-hats and the kick just felt like the speedy wheels underneath a hyperactive train that has absolutely no time to stop at any station. The melody here is different, still with the good sounds, refreshing, making my stay at the station a powerful active one! Anyone who loves lush techno from France, please feel very free to jump on board of this fine ride:



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