TARRMAC – 44 Degrees

Title: 44 Degrees
Keywords: experimental jon tarry Perth
Label: Dog Park

“This is a drawing project, sounds are generated directly from pen on paper expanded, amplified and processed through analogue systems of modulation.”

Of course I should have made drawings with each track for this ‘review’ . It’s a thing we would normally do, wouldn’t be that there is the killjoy of having no paper or pens around & simply no doh to afford any of these luxury items. It sucks as for a creative person who loves to scribble, draw and paint it’s a real pain in the ass to not being able too.

I guess a possible possibility would be to go to the nearest playground and draw with a found stick (or fingers) in the sandpit, but unfortunately I can’t listen and receive music wherever I go & to put things like this album on some kind of portable music device… damn; I could only wish for such a thing!

So instead I try to draw things within your mind, okay? You just have to concentrate in receiving my mind waves into yours, okay? Okay? Okay? Okay, here we go… focus on my mind waves and see that blank paper in your own head appear. Seeing it? Great! Now here comes my pen, can you see it hovering impatiently above the paper? Good! Now I place it on the paper along with the music, can you visualize the handling?

Look! Now I’m making circles, squares, even abstract criss crossing artworks; isn’t it fantastic to have this beamed straight in your head? Next to it being amazing, it also saves nature! No paper or ink is used… it’s all done within your head! Yes! Wow, indeed! It’s pretty much impressive!

But you thought that would be just ‘it’? Oh gosh no! I’m not finished! Look! I’m drawing some more… even adding colors! Amazing colors, glow in the dark ones, neon bright ones; super colors forming all amazing shapes, styles and sizes! What a review, isn’t it? Never been a review so visual & never been it completely generated within your own head! It’s probably the most intimate review out there ever! You better concentrate to see it, as otherwise you won’t even believe it!

Beautiful drawings, don’t you think? So full of details, love and perfection. You see, sometimes visuals say so much more than words. And there is no doubt about it that these drawings would appeal to you more than your average daily written review of utter baloney… (also a thing we do here at YIKIS) BUT obviously not today; amazing artworks all penned up within your own head! All thanks to this remarkable release on the always interesting Dog Park Records!

Oh, you know what? Next drawing will be something that has nothing to do with the music on this album, okay? Are you still connected? Ready to receive some fresh brainwaves? Yeah? Tuned in, right? Here it comes my friend….hope you enjoy this one. Can you see the big fluffy ears that I draw? The big snout and droopy nose? The mouth with a long tongue hanging out? … can you see what I’m drawing? Yep! It’s a dog! A dog’s face! Isn’t he wonderful? It’s quite a picture isn’t it?

Let me tell you that this drawing of a dog’s face is not just any dog… it’s Trevor; the owner of Dog Park records! The likeness might be a bit off, but still is pretty remarkable if I might judge so… I really hope you like it! … but wait, let me draw you a text balloon next to him… look I’ve drawn a text balloon near Trevor’s mouth saying that you should check this album out! And you know what? Trevor is right! This is a finely interesting one & might inspire you to pick up a real pen and paper & go and go some drawings… and if you are poor like me; feel absolutely free to beam your thoughts and draw it into my empty head… there is definitely space enough & in all honesty; I could use some art to hang around on my last brain cells! Make it lovely, will ya? Thanks!



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