Y. Y. – Eternal Slumber

Artist: Y. Y.
Title: Eternal Slumber
Keywords: experimental calm relax relaxing sleep slow Urayasu

This very friendly album had been difficult to hear in it’s entirely. Well, I’ve heard it. Many times even so, but at all times I had heard most of it while being unconscious. A state of mind that your ears probably still work hard to hear and receive things, but you don’t really seem to be there enough to actually register it.

I always started it off with full attention, played it from the start & listen to the friendly played pleasantness. A sweet melody, dreamy and lovely played… it’s probably done on the spot, making it a love affair between the music maker’s music and the listener’s brain. But than slowly, but surely the mind slips away…

Eyes roll backwards, eye lids close the windows of the soul and there you go; passed out! Gone for a long slumber… not for eternity, though… as otherwise, you know, you won’t wake up. But still this album is a excellent sleep inducer, a kind tranquilizer that anyone with working ears would be able to medicate to themselves in safety. So in case you have been sleepless, would like to switch off for a bit or simply was searching for a nice way to be knocked out; try this release out!



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