Lana Del Rabies – Starving Escape Artist EP

Artist: Lana Del Rabies
title: Starving Escape Artist EP
keywords: electronic dark electronic industrial noise noise pop Phoenix
reviewer: Simon Hit

Lana Del Rabies doesn’t seem to have a little pinky up in the air while drinking tea; instead she is hammering away harshly and most violently in the noise scene. Her “don’t tell her where she’s been (demo)’ is a great example of what Lana is capable off; my ears ran off and my headphones exploded as the noisy anxiety had been smashing the layers of rhythmic noise until deafening maximum.

It felt like a kiss’ wasn’t the slightest bit friendlier, slumbering industrial noise that comes in like a poisonous gas that if inhaled through the nose only would be okay, but through the ears; would definitely f*ck you up big time! Lana Del Rabies efficiently destroys all that is left of the hearing capabilities, fills its up with pure loudness, manic and determent until there is no reason for you to have ears left…

What follows is ‘Darcy’ which is also taken from the wilder side of the noised up life, cracking the emptiness up with a manic repeat of harsh sound that slaps the face until its black and blue. Lana annihilates here with the presence of this release, slightly making it trippy through its rhythmic forms, adding a howling vocal to the mashed up distortion, making it an expression that is terrifying and somehow beautiful at the same time.

More hypnotic harshness comes with “Starving Escape Artist” which feels like Lana is rubbing it all into you, nasty and merciless; after this you can just throw your head away as it will be useless anyway. Just some drool dripping out of your mouth as your brain gets fried by these noise sounds by this angry deafening sounding artist.

Weren’t u Asking For It’ is the last track (and thought provoking one!) on this release, squirting some heavy bass out, giving you something to feel slightly good about, while Lana unleashes a big smashing snare and beep that are not in the race of a beauty contest. Lana shout / sings / screams all over it and somehow the massiveness of it all becomes like an alternative expressive noise hit in which we can move to like the helpless useless bodies that we are…
I don’t know, but if you are into noise, and I mean loud noise; Lana might be your choice!

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