Secret Salmon – dRum Diaries

Artist: Secret Salmon

Title: dRum Diaries

Keywords: dead experimental graveyard haunted percussion percussive avant-garde dada free improvisation noise outsider

Oh the drum circles by the mysterious crew of Secret Salmon, aren’t they adorable? I’ve heard them when they came banging on my door & had never been the sane same ever since! I guess it’s because I really love rhythms & gosh oh, how I love secret salmon! So the combination of them two is simply enough reason to squirt semen around like a ballistic fountain generated by pure excitement! What a pleasure!

It was even more pleasant than I could have ever expected, with secret salmon not only giving what I wanted and needed, but also doing it so well, as if they too had been lovers of rhythm and drums for a very long time… you can just feel it in their humble roots; they approach the rhythmic sounds with respect, hit them more like a friend than your everyday instrument. People like me, who love rhythm, instruments & secret salmon really appreciate this kind of approach. You could bang on my door any time of the day if you have material that sounds like this!

It’s not even all in the music, the love for this session could easily be seen and felt when looking at the release its artwork. It’s so detailed, so full of love and dedication; it’s like a luxurious gift that you only want to pass onto people that you love and are dear to you. In all honesty, this is YOU dear reader. You being here is like a idiotic dream come true; bless you for being able to read letters, letters that form words and sentences! You are a miraculous miracle on your own! And now… now I give you this gift of what Secret Salmon has giving me; rhythm, groove and drums!

I’ve never been at a drum circle here in the neighborhood, as from what I’ve heard it’s like a Lala-land in which the males care more about beating a drum the loudest than any rhythm, & there is a part of singing & giving each other massages… sorry but that sounds way too arty fatty new age cuckoo to me. That’s why I felt so blessed with this album by the crew of secret salmon; it goes straight to the point, giving those drums and rhythms that you would love and appreciate. Bringing the sounds of groove that you could lock your own rhythm senses into & (most importantly) enjoy like a m*therf*cker!


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