dogwoods – folding

Artist: dogwoods

Title: folding

Keywords: kids, punk, emo, folk, gay, Maryland

Dogwoods plays a guitar; a thing that involves fingers strumming over the strings that will make them resonate in a musical way. But Dogwoods stirs also it’s voice over it, one that sounds a bit different than all the other singing voices that my ears had heard. At first encounter I got confused if I liked the sound of it or not, but knowing myself better than anyone else, I gambled upon the fact that I like it (a lot!).

The voice of Dogwoods… it is something out of this world. I know Dogwoods is singing the words in English, yet I have no idea (for the most part) what they are or rambling on about. It made me think of a early lovable Jim Henson’s muppet that resembled a mumbling iconic alternative character that does a few scenes as it is playing on a veranda. It’s no Kermit as Dogwoods clearly plays melodies much smarter and passionately than any tv character would do, yet (thanks to the vocals) feels as if you have been tight to the lips of a staring devotional figure who could be perfect as the more underdog sounding star in a popular muppet show.

Dogwoods has all the right charm that will make you love Dogwoods, wether fictional or not; I could imagine Dogwoods merchandise being extremely popular among children and adults at the same time. Ready for alternative cuddles, cheerful and a bit strange; the perfect anti-hero that keeps you in it’s fluffy aura with its intriguingly good guitar structures mixed with its own unique underdog singing voice. It’s definitely no ‘tickle me Elmo’ but it’s just as likable and smart. Who wouldn’t want to get a music-cuddle of Dogwoods? I would!

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