Martyrs – Mortua Nix

Artist: Martyrs
Title: Mortua Nix
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone harsh noise power electronics Aurora

Wasteland sounds like someone puking my nose, it’s a metallic long one & they pull it too Pinokkio kind of lying proportions. With the next track (which title I do not say) it feels if some mad person is shouting at me while cutting the whole thing off with a rusty saw. Than there is Menticide, track that pulls its back to lengthy proportions back again; how nice! Now I can whistle nasty noises out of the holes of my nose. So dam interesting! It kinda makes me want to vomit, but hey; that’s alright.

Next is ‘drained’ a moment of pure music, played out on a sad and unhappy sounding guitar & a mumbling drooling monster in the back. Hey you! Monster? Could you flip it all backwards and give me a massage? Ah, it greatly applies my wishes into a granted one.

The next moment the monster suddenly begins to grunt words at my ears while a slaughtering rhythm make me feel like we are at a crazy butcher’s place who is sharpening the knives, to make them ready to slaughter some reviewer. Than it’s up to a philosophical track titled ‘if sanity ever returns’ which is also a fine bit of mythological authentic music played on a proper guitar. It sounds a bit dark and full hopelessness; a thing that any reasonable listener will appreciate.

The moment within this album in which space time is being ripped apart, might also be of scientific interest. It sounds quite grotesque, as if a extremely large truck appears from outer space, driving in endlessly, because the whole thing is way longer than any human truck & all the way its engine makes a loud noise… it’s crazy, I mean who on earth would make this as music? And how did they record it? Did they recreate the whole engine and dipped it in the reverb? Or did they actually encountered a enormous space truck and recorded it all with a microphone? In any case, over time the entire soundtrack becomes more pretty, more relaxing in a thrilling ambient kind of way. I certainly appear to appreciate this buildup that goes from truckers engine into something more ringing in a tonal sound. It’s like a warm streaming gas comes out in audio form. It makes me think to the time that I sniffed idiots for money; such a splendid time!

The entire track that contains this heartbreak between time and space seems to be quite an endless experience. It keeps on doing it’s thing, giving spaced out weirdoes a trip of pure intensity, one that takes a lot of spliffs to completely get into… but ones you are into it, you really don’t want to go out! It’s a very intense listen, a full on trip that becomes more thicker and full euphoria; shooting me lightyears away into an black hole for all eternity!

With ‘Locked in’ we can hear the artist in it’s Suffering days. It’s doing a cry of disparity, one that is perhaps as well a joy as a pain to hear. You somehow feel sorry for the artist , it makes you want to go to this person and give it a little hug… it will be alright my friend, just unlock your chains and you too shall fly!

The crying artist make another last cry in ‘Being a martyr’ one that sounds full of despair & some noises. What follows is a track in which louder noises start to appear. They first sound a bit eggy but soon turn around to become a nice relaxing soundscape. Something that even though it’s abstract material, sounds quietly melodic.

What follows is ‘The end is nigh’ which title-wise sounds more dramatic (to me) than the actual sounds available on the track. It comes across like some strange birds that hold tiny little brooms while they ridiculously brush some lonely alleyways. It’s odd and strange, but definitely not totally unpleasant. Until other things start to appear, apparently much louder than the bits that I was tripping balls on. These loud sounds and out of the blue appearances got me a bit confused and destabilized the trip for me a bit.

But maybe that was the way to do it, as after this a short untitled track would follow, and after a tiny bit of bubble-sound the entire album would be done and over with! That was quite a trip!


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