Oyasumi Punpun – Volume 6 : Chapter 58

Artist: Oyasumi Punpun
Title: Volume 6 : Chapter 58
Keywords: experimental, harsh noise, Japan
Label: Oyasumi Punpun

With the sound that you could hear within this release, you could probably stuff your entire head, see it as if it was just a pillowcase that needed to be stuffed up with the best soft crackling noise that the artist has to offer. Don’t you want the best stuff in there, practical, loudly soft and solid at the same time?

Stable and harsh, mellow and hard; it has simply all the elements ‘you’ (as the human pillowcase) could possible need and hunkered for. There is no goose feathers here and it seems that for this production no animals have been harmed; what else could you have wished for? A trophy for crap-reader of the year? A bag of money?

My head is almost half full with this stuff, making it occupied with those fine crackles that might support your head in case you wanted to use mine (be my guest) as a pillow. It’s nice to feel nothing, to hear and see nada with material like this roaming around, brilliantly filling every corner with a pretty volume of absolute nothing. I think that every corner of the headspace could be filled and stuffed with it, but of course it all depends on the size of the head that it wants to go in. Do you want to be such a pillowcase or would you rather be a human laying your head to rest on top of one?



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