Gifgrond #60 the aftermath report

Live from the two days after-party after the party at the intoxicating Gifgrond party in Tillywood (I’m here with my die-hard party crew; the bicycle, foldable stairs, smoke,drink & two invisible friends on two visible chairs) I write to you this report. I should be sleeping but the lovely gifgirls (who organized this party for 10 years in a row!) like to mix their alcoholic drinking habits with lots of coffee, made it difficult for me to pass out on the best mattress that I had ever lay upon. At this very moment the moment the music continued, but is provided by birds that tweeted outside & some chit chat created by early neighbors that probably have to be awake to face the workday that is the Monday: let’s call it a early morning soundscape. This kind of music is not really danceable anymore at the moment, but that’s alright.. I’m pretty fried right now…

I try to remember (for the sake of good journalism!) the time before the after-party party before the after-party; the actual Gifgrond party, a thing I must do before the lords of alcohol will wipe out the good memories of that spectacular night. What a good night it was! One that felt like a reunion with people that I had never met before, combined with die-hard Gifgrond party people that I had actually met before. It was a full house at this festive Gifgrond edition, one that celebrated 10 years of Gifgrond with as many deejays that you could count on one hand (minus one finger) and acts with names like Pinkcrash, Kolfskop and a certain Toxic Chicken.

The deejays had been terrific, Herr Ge, Stijn Selecter, DMDN & BS (BS = BullShit) spinning the right vibes that went on till the early morning (even offerings of free beers to make them stop couldn’t stop them!). The night of lively acts started with the Pinkcrash duo, intriguing the mesmerized audience with impressive danceable noisy soundscapes along with drastic words and sounds (and a incredible book reading!). The female part of the duo had the audience hooked with her tender posture, squeaking like a hawk as she fully squeezed out her words from the bottom of her toes all the way out of her mouth. It was easy to get into, yet incredible challenging at the same time. People danced and listened to dirty words & the place was packed instantly. What a incredible performance, one that was as a bird of prey had grabbed everyone with its claws!

The Belgian band Kolfskop played next, one that came up as if they had already played a set before; half naked & armed with guitar, bass, drums and a flying carpet. The singer of the band had a nice touch of spandex around his legs and instantly transformed out of nowhere into a wild stage animal. One that roared and blasted strange sounds out of his mouth, ones which made him into a grizzly bear that would love a cave full of beers. As they played their animalistic set, the party crowd became mental, banging their heads, giggling and dancing around like crazed happy baboons. They really had set the place on fire without actually burning the awesome location down. It was perfect for the diverse alternative crowd of all kind of ages.

The Toxic Chicken was honored to be able to fly on their carpet, gluing it up “accidentally” with a fine juice of wiped cream and vanilla custard. According to our own head of comment the stickiness wasn’t needed, but according to a good source (the chicken itself) it was a case of necessary good fun. Along with the poisonous poultry a last-minute wild man had appeared (thanks Ivar!) to add some quality percussion & nobody died! I was too blinded to see, but believe the crowd of Gifgrond goers had a good time too: A thing unimportant and important at the same time too!

The entire atmosphere had been pretty unique, even to Gifgrond’s already unique standards. This was the special one, a real celebration to celebrate and underline that this incredible party had been going on for ten years straight. Their tag line of this party ’10 years independed but alcohol depended” was perfectly claimed to say the least! In the middle of the madness came a surprise performance by one of the die hard Gifgrond attendees and close friend of anyone involved in this place. With music and a honest solo performance the performer highlighted the names behind this special daring event: Paca & Theo! These two gifgirls deserved to be serenaded just as the always reliable and fun barman that doesn’t like the noises too much, but always had been there lovingly poisoning the audience members with beers, wine & Gifgrond’s very own Gifmix mystery drink. A drink so sweet it would not only make your teeth melt, it would also severely dig holes in anyone’s liver! Great job of all of them!

On this occasion a rare new breed of one-off collectible merchandise got

revealed; special Gifgrond T-shirts!

Anyone who would wear them would become instantly immune for normal day life & gain quality super powers! Also edible skulls of death rings & poisoned lollipops went around the premises; helping everyone at the party to reduce their life perspectives a few years! It was certainly a precious and unforgettable touch of the memorable night!

Even the pre-party, in which the Gifgirls and loving crew of incredible loving people was a feast for in the diary. There was an enormous amount of great food (making even the ones that don’t normally eat; eat!) and a delicious Gifgrond cake baked by… our very own head of comment Linda! It certainly made all so special & thinking about it now (still partying hard at the after-party after-party) it seems that Gifgrond is not just the best fun-loving place to party, but it’s also very much a amazing place to experience the feel of being a part of a great external family! A home for the crazy and the adventurous! Without doubt; Gifgrond is still the absolute best party in the entire galaxy! So I say cheers to you from this place & wished you had been here & if not; please come and catch the surprise vibes at hopefully more of these fun intoxicating parties!


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2 Responses to Gifgrond #60 the aftermath report

  1. Mr. Whisp says:

    Almost like being there myself, reading this fine report about gifgrond šŸ™‚

  2. Linda says:

    It was awesome to meet the spirit animal of gifgrond!! Always present and this time so alive! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤
    And I wear my t-shirt with pride! šŸ˜€

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