John Fanning – Celebrating the Destruction of Artistic Integrity

Artist: John Fanning
title: Celebrating the Destruction of Artistic Integrity
keywords: john fanning, massaccesi, breakcore, battle breaks, audio art, sound art, weird, drum n bass, artistic, artistic integrity, art orthodox, spettro rec, spettro records, italian sleazy cinema
reviewer: Simon Hit

John Fanning’s album makes me feel like I’ve walking into an alternative kind of art gallery in which the artist is performing lively oddities. Ones in which next to materials, John’s body (and body extracts) are the instruments; I just imagine Fanning playing the nose flute, shooting out bogeys at a microphone and shoving spit out of his mouth for a fair amount of experimental drivel.

But there are the nastier noises, mixed with the more pleasant ones in which it wouldn’t surprise me that things (like a friendly accordion?) had been sacrificed for art’s sake. This John Fanning seems to sacrifice himself for art’s sake, so why not equipment and ex-musical instruments? It must be lots of fun to be John, as making these sound expressions must be a jolly thing to do. In a way every listener is part of this sacrificial art show as well; it feels as an experiment of how far John can go; will you walk away, or will you stay put and see and hear it all out?

I do not think it is the best fun I’ve ever had while listening to these sound expressions, but it is entertaining. I stroked my chin regularly, sipped a glass of champagne and told my imaginary art-loving friend how good it all is. He looked at me, nodded understandingly while we both listened to something that sounded like a loosely lipped fart coming out of the artist’s asshole: isn’t art great?

Much of the more hectic ballistic noises rinsed out my ears, as if the artist knew I needed some oral cleaning. John Fanning brought out a whole mental asylum in audio form, but nothing all too crazy. I mean, it could have been a bit more insane, but then again it is already pretty nuts as it is. The whole assortments of sounds and the rapid changes of it all might have been an interesting view visually, but as this release is just the audio you ought to put in a bit of your own imagination… Isn’t that what art is and supposed to do? Setting a person up to think? Yep, thought so!

In any case this feels like it’s a performance that would create raving reviews in the art scene, obviously thought provoking material that makes you want to clap out loud to the speakers after each of the tracks are done and over. Also applauding yourself that you had kept it up and been brave enough to follow through the entire ‘show’…

From glitch, to noise, to goth-knows-what; it’s all passing the revue and doesn’t stay super long in one place, as if John wants to give as much differences in one single go, probably to keep its observers by giving so much in one go that it will be hard to say “ouch my ears” or “oh listen to this; how interesting” as the artist just moves on like a dancer dancing away while dodging bullets ; avoiding points that would make some sensitive art lovers want to leave with their ears still bleeding…

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