sewing circle – nausea

Artist: sewing circle
Keywords: experimental noise noise jazz noise rock other Pennsylvania
Label: Orb Tapes

What do you get when you place a certain guitar:bass playing Arturo, a bass/guitar ramming Noah and a drumming sax player named Patrick in a band together? You get ‘sewing circle’, and what do you get when hearing them play? Proper nauseous!

They seem like the mental equivalent of the animal character in the muppet show, they ramble, smash, pull, hit and tickle their instruments like they are on the edge and ready to jump into an tantrum full of anxiety. They don’t mind to go over the top, blurring the lines of music and incoherent noise, and definitely have no deal to stay away from bleeping feedback; Arturo, Noah and Patrick are like a pack of wolves who are hungry enough to eat their own instruments. Luckily their spasms are so wild that their struggle between instrument and musician is one that last the entire album, providing enough sounds that appear to be music to fool even the biggest critic.

Somehow I imagined ‘sewing circle’ at the end of their recording session with blood on their mouths and big bleeding bellies from devouring their own guitars, bass, drums and saxophone; it’s a spooky image of the imagination, but I’m sure if you would listen to this album, not a very strange one to imagine. Is this also why the album artwork seem to represent broken or lose teeth? I mean it must be fatal for anyone getting their teeth into their own instruments, but somehow this trio is properly getting away with it.

Funny thing is, while they quickly chew and nibble on the strings they actually started to sound quite jazzy! Who would have expected that? Still i doubt that if jazz lovers would go and stumble semi on purpose upon a recording session like this, I found it hard to believe that they would live to tell. If sewing circle sounds manic enough to eat and destroy themselves and their instruments, there might be a big chance that they would love to send some potent jazz crowd horizontally towards the nearest hospital (that is if they are nice and lucky). In any case, I wouldn’t take the risk and instead play this album from the safe comfort of ‘your’ home.


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