Jennifer Zhang – Escape Emotion

Artist: Jennifer Zhang

Title: Escape Emotion

Keywords: pop ambient pop electronic music electropop indie pop Los Angeles

Reviewer: Willem van O.

What could anyone possibly say about Jennifer Zhang’s Escape Emotion? Perhaps they could talk about her lush voice? One that blushes on top of a electric steady mix of dreamy dance music? Maybe they could write about how it all felt like we had been spaced out & this is the only one thing that kept our marbles a bit together? Is this reality? Perhaps someone could say that it sounded reasonable commercial, but yet not pushes itself into the appealing corners of catchiness. It’s almost there though, yet not completely in; just the tip, so to say… it makes it a bit more edgy and cooler than the usual material out there, besides these tracks might need to grow on you. I think it’s a bit like a dream that you should have multiple episodes off… or maybe not, depending on your music taste and moods.

Next to mainliner ‘Escape Emotion’ she also gives us ‘Collide’, which might have all the poppy elements a electro-pop lover would die for, yet it feels less prominent. It isn’t in your face, all is more friendly and there is no hard sound in sight; making it all quite light in sound design. A thing that is a prominent thing all over this release; it’s all a bit fluffy, cuddly, wooziness, material that won’t slap your face or give your intestines a good shake-up. In fact for the most of it, the album made me think of lollipops and soft cuddly rabbits; it didn’t really have the punch, but that said; maybe that might be the whole thing that makes this stands out? Who knows!?

Knell’ another track of this caliber, shifted nicely through in a similar fashion. A bit different was the one named ‘Downing’, which features the singer in a more calm drowsier kind of song. It sounds a bit more romantic, calm and cuddly. It felt like the material to hear on a rainy day when being under the blankets with a lover of some kind. Some kisses here and there and don’t forget the smell of fresh bedsheets and that knowledge of drowning into each others arms.

The last song fits the most to the album artwork in which Jennifer Zhang seems to be visualized as a fish caught in a net. Maybe she is a mermaid, still I can’t help that mermaids would sound pretty different vocal wise. You know, high that glass would break and ships would sink. She sounds more like a sentimental dreamer that sings along and around her own voice & a dreamy ballad music-wise. I like how it suddenly lifts up towards the end, giving it a bit of punch along with those happy ‘did you ever get mellow’ bubbling melody line… but in all fairness, it didn’t hit me hard enough to make it a unforgettable experience. It’s more fluffy and dreamy, and checking out on the album’s tagged genres, I believe ‘ambient-pop’ was probably exactly what this artist had went for & certainly kept it wooly enough to successfully combine these two. It probably didn’t wanted that kick & instead wanted it to be a bit like a floating easy listening experience. Fancy some ambient pop?

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