Electric Elizabeth – FutureConeB

Artist: Electric Elizabeth
Title: FutureConeB
Keywords: experimental, noise, video

Electric Elizabeth’s description of one of her actual music videos online sounds way simpler than what it deserves. She wrote “Some slowed down footage of water with one of my tracks over the top.” Of course that’s what it is, literally speaking, but imaginative speaking there is so much more to it. First of all the ‘one of her tracks’ that she added to the visual video is one that fits the water footage so extremely well, so much so that it might even be a bit frightening in how good it fits.

It’s like every bit of water flow, every wrinkle on top and in it is attached to the sounds generated by her track. It is as if the water knows exactly when to move and is triggered by her sounds, or that Electric Elizabeth had made the track live on the spot with the water movements as her inspiration. Somehow I guess both theories aren’t true and this must actually be just some kind of coincidence, but even so; this is something that almost cannot be a coincidental happening.

In the normal world of sanity it is a coincidence, but I think that it is a sign from the universe, perhaps even a practical joke of it… it’s just… the footage, the sound by Electric Elizabeth; they are like the perfect couple! (I would say ‘marriage’ but that word always gives me the creeps) in any case, if you look & listen further than the video description you might actually discover that you are looking and hearing at a little audio/visual miracle!


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