Hot And Ugly – Revenge of the Ugly

Artist: Hot And Ugly
title: Revenge of the Ugly
keywords: hardcore mathcore metal punk grind grindcore hardcore powerviolence Lawrence

Someone open a window as Hot And Ugly might be needing a bit of fresh air, as they come across like overheated personalities armed with voice, electric guitar, bass and extras that only generate more hotness. I imagine them playing in a secluded basement, one in solid confinement excluded from the outside wicked world, probably located in a far-away mental asylum. Their faces must be red and their wild bodies covered in sweat, that’s how they sound like, almost turning themselves over the edge, half crying, manically fighting against the place that they are in… someone let these animalistic musicians out before they go berserk and bash each other’s heads in.

…Or maybe, keep them there as they probably are there playing and screaming for a reason; might Hot And Ugly be a danger to normal day society? At least a bit damaging when unleashed in a village in which people live of sense and reason? Maybe they need to be freed so their madness can be spread, spreading their musical vomit around the world and forcing it to digest Hot And Ugly sounds to go a bit mental and angry. They for sure will tickle the ears with their banging expressions that seems not really fit for society, but more for a riot in a dangerous prison. One that will drive the prisoners over the edge, giving them enough power and violence to probably take over & maybe even escape!

Hot And Ugly might be too hot to handle out of their box, but when in there they could be used as a potent weapon. Something that could be an alternative option that could replace the nuclear ones; imagine a mad president instead of having the option to launch disastrous missiles, he or she could open the gates and let this band (and their music) roam the streets of the free world. This option is one I personally would prefer, as even though unleashing Hot And Ugly might be fatal, it is a much nicer way to go than a simple ‘kaboom’… Besides, Hot And Ugly are sounding like they really need to be set free, they cry and play for it with their last hard pulses of their lives. Who knows, maybe when they are out of their musical prison they will become earth lovers… nah, they probably blow it all up slasher-movie style! Still, better than an atomic bomb!

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