Kolfskop – de strooptocht van de legermieren

This post and video will probably not be up to the facebook rules and regulations, as within it there are 6 nipples prominently in view, hopping around in front of a camera attached to the upper torsos of the members of Kolfskop. But please don’t ban this mister Zuckerberg and friends, as these nipples deserve to be seen as they for sure bring not only some great active mad Belgium story telling along, they also give the good example of being sportive and healthy!

Just look at the three men of Kolfskop, absolutely in top form, giving the best example to the youth and the elderly (and anyone in between). They jump rope in their excellent top condition, jumping up and down like sporters of the best healthiest kind, it’s pretty jaw dropping how good these three gentlemen are comfortable with their own healthiness & please facebook regulators, let this pass through your filters of ‘ban the nipple’ as this certainly has to be shared, liked and spread!

And if you do not like sports, you can enjoy the moment in which (presumably) beer gets splashed out of their mouths! I mean, isn’t that much better entertainment than anything that is available on television or elsewhere on the internet? Oh and next to sport heroes, Kolfskop bring the music, active music so you could undress yourself, get a rope and do some active session of jumping yourself! If you are fit and healthy like Kolfskop, you could record your activity with a camera, put it up on YouTube as a ‘response’ video and of-course be sure to show your nipples for the Facebook crowds! Let’s do it and get healthy with Kolfskop!


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