Ptitzyn aka Zarine aka NIR 300

This might be a personal story, but my gosh I love that drum and bass sound and feel. I remember ending up in London on all these wicked D&B parties, danced the nights and days away & taking so much ‘materials that keeps you dancing’ that even broken ankles didn’t stop me. It was just this thing, the music that you feel into all your senses, something that makes you loosen up & go completely berserk on the dancefloor. The atmosphere on these parties was so excellent, people out of their mind or superbly into it, grooving to these beats and sounds as if it was a top-sport. The clouds of marihuana helped these top-sporters to reach even higher heights… I don’t know; it was amazing!

This (from Russia with love) music by Ptitzyn aka Zarine aka NIR 300 brings back all those memories big time, this producer (even though having a lot of quality techno based stuff too!) really wrapped my ears into memory-lane with its fanatic breaks and deep baselines. Just hear this and you will know what I mean:

This is the material that makes me want to put the chairs aside (although this happens in virtual reality as here I do not have chairs…) and make the place into some alternative dance room. Dim the lights, close the curtains, blow in some smoke and build up a tower of speakers with lots of volume and bass, perhaps beam the visuals on a screen and all is instantly perfect for partying!

Of course two videos of this kind of material is not enough to keep that instant drum & bass party going, but luckily our deejay/producer friend over here has a lengthy mix set up, good for at least 50 minutes of intense dancing on tight breaks and naughty basslines! Make sure you don’t get dehydrated & if you indeed break your ankles, be sure to check it out after the 50 minutes are done…


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